Maharaji in Delhi

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The following story takes place after Maharaji had taken his mahasamadhi (left his body). We had gone to India to meet Shri Siddhi Ma. Before going on to Kainchi, we were staying in Delhi. We went to do a few errands around the city, buying Indian clothes, getting a few gifts and items for our… Read more »

Knowing the Whole Story

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  Sometimes Maharaji would get angry… really angry. One time, we were sitting in the back of the temple with him and this guy who lived across the street named Purnanand, who Maharaji had known for many, many years, and actually the first person Maharaji talked to when he came to that area was this… Read more »

A Letter from Kainchi

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Baba-ji gave my husband the mantra “Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya” in the presence of a large sat sang at the Lal Kuthi. At the time he gave my husband diksha he said nothing to me, leaving me very sad. In 1973 on Baba-ji taking Mahasamadhi my mind was even more disturbed as to why he… Read more »

The World is My Family

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  One winter I was in Vrindavan for Holi. Papa Singh, one of Maharaji’s longtime devotees was there that year. Papa Singh was of the Jat caste and known in his younger days to be very forthright and something of a go-getter. One time when he’d been unable to have darshan of Shri Siddhi Ma… Read more »