‘Kala’ by Trevor Hall

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When I look around me, it seems as though everyone feels like they are running out of time. Our daily lives are ruled by time. Everyone is in some kind of a rush. Everyone is trying to get everything done before the day runs out. Tick tock, tick tock. we are bound by it, frustrated… Read more »

The Ego: A Dichotomy of Fear and Love

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What I was wondering is if you could talk a little about distinguishing between healthy independence, like your refusal to go to medical school, and an egoism that would be an obstacle to personal growth. Ram Dass: Well, let’s first just define the term a little bit. The term ego is a structure of mind that… Read more »

Helping Others to Spiritually Awaken

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Question: Given that we are to do anything, how can I best help others awaken spiritually? I’m thinking of my grandchildren primarily. Ram Dass: There is an intense desire, once you have tasted something as sweet as spiritual awakening, to want to share it with people you love. Sometimes it’s so strong that you get… Read more »

Ram Dass on Facing Death

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Part of our agenda as people of any age is to find some way of being with the idea of death. Whether confronting our own passing or grieving the death of someone we love, we’re trapped in our pain – until we look beyond the form. Then we see that everyone we’ve ever loved is… Read more »