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A vast archive of over 3,000 hours of archival audio and video footage from Ram Dass & friends 50+ years of teaching and lecturing test…


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Be Here Now Network, under the umbrella of Love Serve Remember Foundation, hosts podcasts, courses and live events, in conjunction with articles, videos & wisdom daily

Ram Dass iOS App

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The Ram Dass App is a simple and easy way to immerse yourself in the teachings and timeless wisdom of Ram Dass and other esteemed spiritual teachers test…

Love Serve Remember Films

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A collection of online films produced and released by Love Serve Remember Foundation – featuring guest teachers from our semi-annual retreats on Maui test…

Ram Dass Quotes

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A collection of potent wisdom quotes from Ram Dass taken from the past 50+ years of writing, teaching and lecturing all over the world test…

Additional Resources

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Including the opportunity to Skype with Ram Dass, bi-weekly Words of Wisdom delivered directly to your inbox and an introduction to Kirtan (chant) test…

Helping Others to Spiritually Awaken

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Question: Given that we are to do anything, how can I best help others awaken spiritually? I’m thinking of my grandchildren primarily. Ram Dass: There is an intense desire, once you have tasted something as sweet as spiritual awakening, to want to share it with people you love. Sometimes it’s so strong that you get… Read more »

Ram Dass on Facing Death

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facing death

a Part of our agenda as people of any age is to find some way of being with the idea of death. Whether confronting our own passing or grieving the death of someone we love, we’re trapped in our pain – until we look beyond the form. Then we see that everyone we’ve ever loved… Read more »

Death, LSD & Maharaji

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neem karoli baba

I had brought a picture with me of a boy who had died in America under strange circumstances. In 1968 he had come to see me in New Hampshire and had become one of my first students of yoga. He would come and visit each week and he immediately absorbed everything I shared with him… Read more »

The Training Program for Attachment

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It always boils down to this question: How did we get so attached in the first place, or why? I have really nothing but a cop-out answer for that. I mean not a clear answer because, just as I said, ultimately the laws of the universe are not rationally knowable, because they are not within… Read more »