The Medium of Politics

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One of the systems we’re part of, of course, is the political system. We may wish we weren’t part of it often, but we are. And all of those people playing with the power of the medium of politics, and its effect on the media and its effect on collective human consciousness, and those people… Read more »

Shifting the Perception of Suffering

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The way in which you are part of the web of life, of incarnation, is around the dimensions, you could call it, of compassion, suffering or dealing with suffering. That when you have a society that is built on the denial of other people’s suffering, for the myths of the society to be lived out, you have a very frightened society, and you have all the pathology that comes from fear. And what is the fear is that people are afraid to look at.

I Crochet

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I think people awaken originally to a spiritual dimension in their life in an incredibly wide variety of ways. Some people seem to open up to it through traumatic experiences, when people describe a near death experience or at a moment when they touch something much deeper than the traditional way that they thought about… Read more »

The Consciousness of Saints

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Neem Karoli Maharaj-ji

Where do you feel that saints or realized beings fit into the evolution of consciousness, and what part do they play in the scheme of things, both inside the body and out of the body?  Ram Dass: All beings are involved in an evolutionary journey. In the course of history, and far into pre-recorded history, beings… Read more »