Moving Beyond Romanticism

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As you become more conscious in a relationship, you can no longer milk it for its romanticism, because it is more interesting than that. It really is, but people keep wanting to romanticize their lives all the time. It’s part of the culture. However, the awakening process starts to show you the emptiness of that… Read more »

Sri Aurobindo and The Life Divine

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Sri Aurobindo (August 15, 1872 – December 5, 1950) was a major Indian nationalist, Hindu philosopher, yogi, and poet. He joined the Indian movement for independence from British rule, and was one of its influential leaders before turning to develop his own vision and philosophy of human progress and spiritual evolution. Aurobindo studied for the… Read more »

Taking Risks in Spiritual Work

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“…I’m afraid to make a mistake.” Sri Aurobindo said, “The spiritual journey is one of continually falling on your face, getting up, brushing yourself off, looking sheepishly at God, and taking another step.” You can’t be so afraid of error. I have made a public ass of myself, and what I do is the minute… Read more »

Finding Harmony in the Now

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Profound change is in the eye of the beholder… To see through the veil of what our senses and thinking-minds make real, to the true self, feels often like the highest aspiration of humanity. When we do this, it’s as if we find our rightful place in the order of things. We begin to recognize… Read more »

Ethan Nichtern and The Road Home

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Ethan Nichtern is a senior teacher in the Shambhala Buddhist tradition, and the author of The Road Home: A Contemporary Exploration of the Buddhist Path. His next book, The Dharma of The Princess Bride will be released in September of 2017. Nichtern is also the author of One City: A Declaration of Interdependence (Wisdom Publications 2007)… Read more »

The Triangle of Relationships

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The image I always had when performing a wedding was the image of a triangle. One in which there are the two partners, and a third force. This third force is that which emerges out of the interaction of these two partners. It is the shared awareness that lies behind the two of them. They… Read more »

Discovering Spiritual Compassion

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spiritual compassion

We go out and we are concerned and feel for other people’s suffering. We want to do something about it but compassion involves a certain kind of paradox. When you respond from your human heart’s point of view to another person suffering, and your heart is open, you experience incredible pain. So then most people… Read more »

Viewing Psychological Issues in the West

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We’re living in a culture that focuses on the psychological very, very strongly, and in that sense we tend to see psychological problems as things that need to be given primary consideration before one can go on to spiritual work. In other traditions, for example in Burma, where I study meditation, psychological issues are really… Read more »

Ep. 96 – Trust, Contentment and the Guru

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Raghu and Ram Dass do a live hang out on Skype. Raghu reminds Ram Dass of the first moment they met in Montreal and how that moment defined a trust for him that led to meeting the Guru. Ram Dass talks about his first encounters with trust through the sacred mushroom and Tim Leary. For… Read more »