Here We All Are

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A woman came in to see me up in New Hampshire some years ago. She said, “My daughter’s using drugs. I don’t know why I’ve come to see you, but you seem to have an understanding of young people and all that, and the minister said I should come.” It gets very far out. So I said,… Read more »

Ep. 108 – Geography of the Journey

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Ram Dass gives this talk not long after returning from India where he began to learn the geography of the journey. He describes the cycles of the journey and the tools used along the way to access higher states of being.

Through the Eyes of the Perceiver

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St. John of the Cross said, “All that the imagination can imagine and the understanding it can receive and understand in this life is not, nor can it be, a proximate means of union with God.” What we have touched or tasted or known through some vehicle or another has been a way of turning… Read more »

The Dynamics of Giving and Receiving

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What yogis begin to do is to change their way of thinking in order to look at the universe differently. In order to do this, there is a period of time where they must pull back from the drama in order to be able to see it. It’s like a moratorium, it’s a time when you… Read more »

Recognizing our Erratic Mind

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As a psychologist and a psychotherapist, I could see that each of us would get our minds into a certain place, our thought processing into a certain place where we would tend to see life, day by day, in a very repetitive fashion, and with a set of habits and thought that we were incapable… Read more »

A Road with No Maps

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by Jai Uttal I consider my Guru, among other things, to have been a great teacher of Bhakti Yoga. I say ‘among other things’ because he was impossible to pin down. He hardly ever actually ‘taught’, he never spoke about himself or his lineage, he never gave lectures or discourses. Amazing miracles occurred around Maharajji… Read more »