How can we use our familial relationships to get free?

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There are two kinds of relationships that we enter into. I tend to call them, “Given” and “Acquired.” Given relationships are your parents, your children, you can’t trade them in. They’re given. Friends on the other hand are acquired. You can drop them. Marriages are an ambiguous place; you can look at it either way…. Read more »

Ram Dass – Here and Now – Ep. 126 – The Miracle of Maharajji and Larry Brilliant

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Ram Dass is joined by Larry Brilliant for a conversation about the miracle that was Maharajji and how we can bring the love and compassion that he radiated into the world. Show Notes The Miracle of Maharajji (Opening) – Larry shares his miraculous experiences with Maharajji and talks about the greater miracle that is Maharajji’s… Read more »

Why is there a culture of isolation within the Western family model?

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Over the span of a lifetime, parents and children develop conceptual models about each other’s identity, and those models don’t allow the full flow between them as human beings. What is required is not that we dismantle these models piece by piece, examining them and judging them and saying, “Look at this thing you have… Read more »