Acknowledging your own beauty

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For a long time, I felt I had to sit around judging, because people would come to me and they’d tell me all the things that were freaking them out about their gurus. All the cosmic gossip and I was the holder of this incredible amount of stuff, about everyone’s sex life and everyone’s exploitations…. Read more »

Every Generation Needs a Teacher

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The new book Love Everyone by Parvati Markus collects the intimate and revealing stories of the individuals whose lives were transformed by Neem Karoli Baba, (also known as Maharajjii) a being who embodied the experience of living beyond ego, beyond duality, and beyond conceptions of us and them. At every point in time, the universal… Read more »

Terror and Love

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by Ramgiri Braun, Ph.D. Love is neither a weak emotion, nor an escape! It can be as soft as a feather and as sharp as a sword. If anything has ever changed and elevated the world, it is love. All other impulses end up spinning in circles. What would love do for a soul, who… Read more »

Breathe It All In

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In the 11th chapter of the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna shows Arjuna how it is and Arjuna is able to see all the forms of the Universe pouring into the mouth of Krishna, turning back into the pure form from which they were manifested. The forms of the Universe: breathe them in, take in the baby’s crying,… Read more »

Ep. 88 – ‘Love Everyone’ Book Interviews

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Love Everyone Interviews with Parvati Markus (1)

On this special Here and Now podcast, we feature our new book ‘Love Everyone’, stories of the Westerners who heard about Neem Karoli Baba through Ram Dass and went to meet him. The author, Parvati Markus, introduces some of the stories from the book from her interviews that form the backbone of ‘Love Everyone’. Raghu… Read more »

Seeing the Mother as the ‘Other’

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In spiritual life, the basic distinction or separation is the soul from God. When a soul incarnates, that separation is reflected in psychological and physical mediums. At the outset of incarnation, the separate soul, when first entering into these planes, does not experience, either psychologically or physically any differentiation from the environment around it. Specifically,… Read more »

Father Bede Griffiths (Swami Dayananda)

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“To enter deeply into meditation is to enter into the mystery of suffering love. It is to encounter the woundedness of our human nature. We are all deeply wounded from our infancy and bear these wounds in the unconscious. The repetition of the mantra is a way of opening these depths of the unconsciousness and… Read more »

Meeting the Guru in Perfect Truth

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As the spiritual journey progresses the guru’s demands on the chela (disciple), intensify because the demand on both sides for perfect truth increases. The chela is no longer satisfied with partial truth and mere attached love for the guru. They are both seeking that the chela reach perfect truth. That is the only reason. Not only… Read more »

Bhakti: Devotion and the Guru (Full Lecture)

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Using dualism to step into non-dualism, through the Heart, is the essence of the Bhakti path. Ram Dass explains his personal journey in attempting to be an instrument of the unconditional Love he experienced in the presence of his Guru, and his struggle to convey the concept of Devotion to his Western audience. Being in… Read more »