Ram Dass on Addiction, Courage and Loving Yourself

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In this video podcast, Ram Dass is interviewed by Chris Grosso to discuss why people return to self defeating behaviors and what we can do about it; how to awaken the courage and love inside of us; activating the emotional heart; how to love yourself; levels of consciousness; Donald Trump; how to work with addictions… Read more »

What is Your Reality?

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The first thing my Hindu teacher wrote on his slate in teaching me was the statement, “Desire is a trap; desirelessness is moksha, or liberation; desire is the creator, desire is the destroyer, desire is the universe.” If you understand that statement, you understand it all. That is exactly the same statement as the Buddha’s… Read more »

Sri Chinmoy’s Philosophy for the Inner Life

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Sri Chinmoy was a spiritual teacher who established meditation centers around the world; he was also a prolific poet, musician, artist and weightlifter. From 1970, at the behest of the then UN secretary-general U Thant, Sri Chinmoy took part in twice weekly meditations at the United Nations. Sri Chinmoy initiated many other projects, which aimed… Read more »

Breaking Identification with Your Thoughts

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The exquisite thing about evolution is that it works; it really happens. C.S.Lewis says in Perelandra, “You don’t see the plan, because it’s all the plan. You can’t find the center, because it’s all the center.” You don’t see the plan if it’s the plan. The whole business of knowing we know – experiencing separateness of subject/object… Read more »

How do Our Thoughts Manifest Our Universe?

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Meher Baba said it beautifully: “Love has to spring from within.” You can’t coerce it from another person, but you can be it, and it catches on. It’s very catchy. You are it, and then somebody else catches it from you. When I am centered, I can walk into any vibrational field and take it… Read more »

Brother Wayne Teasdale and the Mystic Heart

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Brother Wayne Teasdale, a founding member of the Spirituality branch of Integral Institute, was a tireless spokesperson for the practical power of spiritual realization. A personal friend of the Dalai Lama, Teasdale has been a key figure in the interfaith movement, and through books like The Mystic Heart and A Monk in the World has… Read more »

Looking Inward

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…The wild beasts do not intend to cast their reflection; and the lake has no mind to receive their image. It is only when you do not get caught in the words, that we can hear. If you listen inside yourself, all you’re going to hear is whether you’re speaking truth. You’ll know. You don’t… Read more »

How Do We Stand in Relation to Our Desires?

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I was standing in front of a theater to see a dirty movie in Chicago. It was called Throat and had gotten rave reviews in New York, and I was in Chicago for something or other, and I looked in the paper, and there was Throat and I thought, “I’ll see what sex movies are like these… Read more »