Finding a Way to Live in Our Truth

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Knowing you’re God and being God are two different things. I mean intellectually, we all know we’re God – most of us understand that. But the direct experience of merging into it is another matter. What seems to happen as you evolve spiritually is that the impurities or the things that veil you from being… Read more »

Ep. 110 – Live Awake

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This is a special talk given at the 1994 Psychedelics Symposium at Chapman College that follows Ram Dass’ history and thoughts surrounding psychedelics. Psychedelics have guided the course of Ram Dass’ life. Ram Dass shares the history of his relationship with the psychedelic experience, its possibilities and limitations.

Turning from the Ego into the Heart

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You may say, “Alright, I’m gonna listen to these still, small voices within,” but the ego, which is created out of the intellect, is not about to walk away and say, “Oh, you’re absolutely right, there’s intuitive wisdom that’s higher than me, so thanks, see you around.” It’s been running the show for a long… Read more »

The Experience of Dualism

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My path is the path of Guru Kripa, which means ‘grace of the guru’. It seems like a sort of strange path in the West, but my path involves my relationship to Maharajji, Neem Karoli Baba. The way I do that is that I just hang out with him all the time. I have an… Read more »