Meher Baba “The Compassionate Father”

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Merwan Sheriar Irani, was born in Poona, India, on February 25, 1894, of Persian parents. In 1913 while still in college, Merwan experienced a momentous event . . . a meeting with Hazrat Babajan, an ancient Muslim woman and one of the five Perfect Masters of the Age. Babajan gave him God-Realization and made him… Read more »

Ep. 98 – Spiritual Practices

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In this talk from 1995, Ram Dass discusses spiritual practices and poses the question, “Why do we practice?” Raghu reads a passage from The Wisdom Teachings and Good Wishes of the Adi-Buddha Samanta-Bhadra which poses that the reality which is “the foundation of all is uncreated, uncompounded, independent beyond mental concept and verbal definition.” Not… Read more »

Exploring the Intent of Mantras

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A mantra is invested to the extent that it is passed from spirit to spirit. Openness to receive it is part of whether or not the mantra can be invested. The next thing is the nature of the spirit of the being that’s investing it. That is, I can’t teach you a mantra that I… Read more »

Increasing Consciousness Through Action

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At any moment, you are consciousness involved in a nature package. The nature package includes your heredity, your environment, all of your personality characteristics, all of the opportunities that exist at this moment, all of your attitudes, all of your predispositions, it’s the whole package. That package is functioning under the laws of karma or… Read more »

What is Required of a Human Incarnation?

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The basic rule is to ‘be here now.’ The rule is to start from exactly where we are at this moment. The rule is to be able to say about oneself and the universe with all of it’s horror, with all of its beauty, with all of its imperfections, Kali and all her manifestations, “It… Read more »

Featured Teacher: Virsa Singh

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“Don’t waste a moment. As soon you start meditating, reciting Nam, and seeking God’s Light within yourself, your life will change. As more and more people do so, the world will change.” – Baba Virsa Singh   Raised in Sarawan Bodla, Punjab, India, Virsa Singh helped on his family’s farm until one day he was overcome… Read more »

Where Are We Going?

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Most of us have figured out where we’re going right now, but haven’t figured out how to get there. It turns out you don’t have to figure out how to get there because if you just keep in mind where you’re going, you get there anyway. Most of us are are full of all kinds… Read more »

Dealing with the Truth of Grief

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Many of us have fear. Fear of loving too much, and the fear and the pain of loving when you know there will be loss – and then when there is loss, there is of course deep grief. The way we deal with grief has a lot to do with whether or not the grief… Read more »

The Optimum Strategy for Relieving Suffering

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It turns out that the optimum strategy that you can use to fulfill the Bodhisattva vow of relieving the suffering of all sentient beings is to work on yourself. See? There is reality. It turns out there’s nothing else to do, right? The working on yourself may involve sitting with other people and talking. In… Read more »