Helping Others to Spiritually Awaken

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Question: Given that we are to do anything, how can I best help others awaken spiritually? I’m thinking of my grandchildren primarily. Ram Dass: There is an intense desire, once you have tasted something as sweet as spiritual awakening, to want to share it with people you love. Sometimes it’s so strong that you get… Read more »

Intuition vs. Ego – Ram Dass

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Ram Dass explains that the best method for learning to discriminate between intuitive versus egoic action is through basic trial and error. Part of our humanity involves making mistakes and the acknowledgement of this reality allows us to stay connected to one another (Huntington Beach, CA – 6/12/1981)

Finding Truth Amidst Change

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When somebody comes to me and they are suffering deeply, my first experience is one of empathy with their pain; my heart hurts. Then as my mind quiets down, I start to experience expanded awareness in which I am feeling an identity with that person, rather than just empathy; now a new phenomenon has occurred,… Read more »