Awareness is Not Self-Conscious

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Awareness is not aware of itself. It’s not self-conscious, it’s just awareness. In that sense, the entire universe is awareness. It is not self-consciously aware; it’s just awareness, and that’s when if you want to understand how a spiritual master with Siddhis [powers] knows the universe, they know the universe from inside itself. Here’s a… Read more »

Sharing Our Awakening

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There is an intense desire, once you have tasted something as sweet as spiritual awakening, to want to share it with people you love. The desire is so strong that you get into a proselytizing stance that awakens in them a paranoid defense, because you’re saying to them, “Who you are, just as you are,… Read more »

Interpreting Fear within Society and the Ego

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Buddha says that fear is the result of ignorance. And the ignorance is that when you start out as an infant with an undifferentiated awareness, you are then taught who you are. That component, which we all call ‘ego’, is a very fragile structure. It seems tough, but it’s actually a very fragile structure. It’s… Read more »

Seeing Yourself in Another

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Where you finally see the beloved is you look at another human being, you look at another soul. I look at all of you, and you are all souls to me, and you are all so beautiful. I mean, each person’s struggle, each person’s journey is so exquisite, I can hardly catch my breath when… Read more »

Honoring Diversity within the Unity

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In the spring of 1991 I co-taught a workshop called “Spirituality for Social Activists.” There were 100 social, political activists, and then there were ‘we spiritual teachers.’ We had planned the whole curriculum for five days, and we had scholarships to bring a lot of these people, because these people were out on the firing line…. Read more »

Zenju Earthlyn Manuel and ‘The Way of Tenderness’

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Zenju Earthlyn Manuel, Ph.D., is an author and ordained Zen Buddhist priest. She combines Zen meditation, intuitive knowing, and indigenous wisdom in a path of liberation. She applies spiritual teachings to our lived experiences in the context of race, sexuality, and gender and at the same time hold these experiences as gateways to absolute freedom…. Read more »

Ep. 102 – ‘Soul-Complex’

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On this episode of Here and Now, Ram Dass has a Sunday hangout session with Raghu Markus. The two chat about the concept of the ‘soul-complex’, how Ram Dass manages his suffering, as well as duality and devotion. Ram Dass and Raghu discuss the ‘soul-complex’ and the transition process between lives. They also consider the… Read more »

Being in the Silence

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Just play with the silence for a moment. Instead of using it as expectancy, waiting for something to happen, flip it just slightly and just be in it. Are you really here or are you just waiting for the next thing? It’s interesting to see where we are in relation to times; whether we’re always… Read more »