The Predicament of “Somebodyness”

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There’s a great line from a wonderful teacher who died some years ago named Kalu Rinpoche, a lovely Tibetan monk. He said, “We live in illusion, the appearance of things, but there is a reality and we are that reality. When you understand this, you see that you are nothing, and being nothing, you are… Read more »

Words are just the Vehicle

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There are certain situations in life that sometimes pull out of you planes of reality that are deeper than the ones you normally have access to. Like, I work with a lot of people who are terminally ill and dying, and right now I’m working with a large group of people with AIDS. As the… Read more »

Ep. 105 – Keeping our Quietness and Love in 2017

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Ram Dass and Raghu have a conversation around social action and keeping our quietness and love in 2017. Ram Dass talks about balancing ourselves, social responsibility, why he puts President Trump on his puja (prayer) table, and cultivating love for everyone no matter their beliefs. Ram Dass leaves us with perspective and insight on keeping… Read more »

Overcoming our Fear of Opening to Love

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The question is, how do you awaken out of the illusion that you are only separate? The doorway out of that is through the heart, and we say, “My heart goes out to you.” The heart keeps a doorway into the unitive nature of the universe, and it’s the love that flows through it. Love doesn’t… Read more »

Featured Teacher: Hilda Charlton

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“I’ve come here to share with you some ways to get over the last little things in us. I can see that you’re far advanced, but it’s the last little bit, that last little climb up the mountain which is the hard part. The first part is easy because, oh, gee, it’s so much fun…… Read more »

Allowing Ourselves to Experience Our own Beauty

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When I start thinking, “I’m Ram Dass, and I’ve worked on myself, and I’m supposed to be equanimous, loving, present, clear, compassionate, accepting,” oftentimes I get tired, I get angry and petulant, and I close down. For a long time I’d get into those states and I would feel really embarrassed, because that isn’t who… Read more »

Behind the Drama, Here We Are

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This week, I’m going to visit a prison and a mental hospital, and I’m going to hang out, and I’m going to project just being, “Okay, here we are. Now what?” “Here we are, now what? So you’re in prison, now what? You gonna spend all your time in prison thinking ‘I’m in prison?’” Or,… Read more »

Seeing the Universe as your Divine Self

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We all get preoccupied with where we’re not. I mean, I get letters from people all the time with vivid descriptions of where they’re not. The amount of consciousness they invest in writing the letter to describe where they’re not…but every now and then, I get a letter and all it’s filled with is page… Read more »

Reflecting on our Spiritual Integrity

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I think that you and I are being called upon to do some incredible work, but it is also really demanding work. I think it demands that out of our compassion for all beings and for the future of the earth, we work on ourselves with great joy, and with every single pointed effort. The… Read more »