What’s the responsibility of a parent to a child, and vice versa?

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The predicament with manipulating another human being as a way to bring about something your mind desires is that you are treating that other being as an object to be manipulated. This puts the other being inside the experience of being an object, which is an isolating experience because it breaks your intuitive connection. Say… Read more »

Sri Siddhi Ma – Our Divine Mother

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  “Since the time that Maharaji left His body, He started manifesting more and more through Siddhi Ma’s transmission. She conveyed the love that Maharaji is; she was an extension of that unconditional love. We in the satsang will throw off our attachments and meet Her in Her true self, the Soul. For those that… Read more »

How do we combat our desire for retribution in a divided society?

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Those of us who have taken birth in this period have tough karma. It’s like taking birth among demons. What we can do, what you and I as people, as citizens can do, is heart-to-heart resuscitation. Recently in our society we’ve felt terror, and anger, and desire for retribution. All of those reactions are products… Read more »