Love In the Time of Chaos – Part 4: Dealing with Fear and Anxiety

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Fear is the next focus in this five-part series featuring the collective advice of the Be Here Now Network’s teachers on dealing with the chaos of the current political climate with love, compassion, and equanimity. So far we’ve talked quite a bit about anger and reactivity, but we haven’t really addressed anger’s twisted cousin: fear…. Read more »

Ram Dass & Hanuman Das Ramayana Webcast

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Watch a special webcast about Hanuman in the Ramayana and his journey to Taos, New Mexico. See the new Hanuman Mandir, under construction in Taos, and help to complete this next phase of construction by donating at

How to Navigate Power on the Spiritual Path

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The game of powers is always very simple: Don’t use them. The minute you get a power and say, “I’ve got this power, I will use it,” then you’re stuck again. A new attachment, a new ego trip. Don’t use them, rather let them be used through you. Purity brings powers. Unfortunately, that’s one of… Read more »