Have you ever prayed for something you wanted dearly, then wondered, “Did anyone hear me?” All too often we forget to sit and listen for the answer. Meditation is listening to the higher Self within all of us. A Siddha is a Realized Being, and Bhagawan Nityananda of Ganeshpuri was a Siddha Master. In fact, he was a giant among the Siddha Masters, one whose stature has few equals in all of history.

Swami Muktananda opened up the life of his beloved Guru, Bhagawan Nityananda, first to other devotees and then to the world. It was Swami Muktananda to whom Bhagawan Nityananda passed his lineage of SYDA Yoga. Swami Muktananda brought stories of Nityananda to the West, told of his teachings, initiated seekers into the path of SYDA yoga, a path out of duality and in to the timeless concept of oneness. The book contains three parts. Part I is a portrait of Guru written by a devotee; it is contemplative and reverent. The second part relates parts of Swami Muktananda’s interactions with Nityananda. The final part reflects Swami Muktananda’s years of sharing his Baba with others. It answers questions he was asked many times over the years about this Baba and spiritual practice. Swami Muktananda opens a doorway for you to enter into your own individual, unique spiritual journey. –

  • A visually satisfying presentation enriched with photos and full of contemporary yet ancient wisdom to ignite a spark of interest in seekers of peace of mind.
  • Contains a helpful and descriptive glossary, pronouncing guide and suggested further reading, along with Swami Muktananda’s biography of Bhagawan Nityananda, his own route to self-realization, and answers to some common questions.
  • This book is one to read over and over again, each time finding fresh discoveries.

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