Lessons on a Train

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There’s a story about Meher Baba. He was crossing the United States by train, and when the train stopped in Santa Fe, he suddenly got up from his seat, climbed down off the train, and walked toward the center of town. At a certain corner, there was an old Indian man standing, leaning up against… Read more »

Ram Dass & Roshi Joan Halifax: Love, Buddha Mind & Beyond

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  We’ve just released this exclusive video featuring Ram Dass and Roshi Joan Halifax called Love, Buddha Mind & Beyond. This intimate exchange gives you a taste of the incredible wisdom and heart embodied by these two esteemed teachers.  Please consider a donation to support the Love Serve Remember foundation so we can continue to produce… Read more »

The Emergence of Compassion

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Art by Outi Harma – http://goo.gl/6cy9XN When we see that service is not a one-way street, we find that those we are helping give us a continuous stream of clues to help us escape the prison of our self-image. More than simply letting us know what might be working or not, they help us when they… Read more »

The Predicament of Righteousness

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A large number of Westerners were being housed in an empty house belonging to one of the Indian devotees. We filled it with our bodies from wall to wall. Each day we would make our way to Dada’s house where Maharaji was staying; there we visited with him and were lavishly fed with meals, many… Read more »