The Making of “American Yogi”

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“American Yogi is a film about events that sound like science fiction to the average Westerner… It’s a film about one man’s search for his destiny… and an Indian Saint named Neem Karoli Baba, also known as Maharaj-Ji… and Richard Alpert, who returned from India as Ram Dass. Most importantly, it’s a film about love – pure,… Read more »

The Divine Pleasure of Food

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Ancient Tantra approaches the Divine through awareness, sensuality, and pleasure. Tantra teaches us that all pleasures that we experience are a reflection of a higher Divine pleasure—and through these pleasures, the Divine can be experienced here and now, in the body, while we are alive in the daily reality. By becoming fully present to our… Read more »

Slowing Down

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My father has always pursued his goals and passions like a man chasing his dreams as the sun sets. As a result, he’s lived in a hurry. And he’s always eaten as if each meal is a race against time, a mundane task to finish as fast as possible to get to the really important… Read more »

The Story of Saraswati

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Goddess of Music, the Arts, and Wisdom   Traditionally, people of many thousands of years ago, placed their confidence and valued the unseen world more than they did in material possessions. Modern people have become very materialistic, matter is the most important thing; if we can prove, and measure it, then we can trust it…. Read more »