From Love (A Poem)

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From love we learn to ease our fretful longing for more and to rest in the blessedness of things as they are. From love we learn to heal our losses and our fears of loss. Love awakens us. It shows us the truth about ourselves and gives us the courage to live this truth. Love… Read more »

Melting in the Ocean of Love

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by Ramgiri Braun, Ph.D. There is only one reason why we meet our guru: because we are blind to the indescribable love and the eternal light of our soul. So when that timeless reality wants to awaken in us, it shakes us in some way, “Hey wake up you are not this separate person who… Read more »

Why (The Who of You)

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Dear friend, This is written while sitting with a friend on the edge of life; from heart-blood to ink on the page. – Jane Callen – 1.28.15 Why (The Who of You) The things I don’t know teach me far more than the few ideas I lightly (hardly) grasp. That everything changes so there is… Read more »

The Guru and You Are One

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by Ramgiri Braun, Ph.D. Because of the blossoming of faith in the heart, we have come into contact with the guru. This contact, however it happens, removes an enormous layer of pain and delusion. It gives us the first direct experience of what we are, the Self, the presence of God in us and as… Read more »