There Is No Richard Alpert Anymore

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Written by Robert Harmony Carr   There is no Richard Alpert anymore, He walked through Aldous Huxley’s famous door, And sailed his mind upon a distant shore, There is no Richard Alpert anymore. He met a man who shared a mystery That Richard sought, and learned that Ram was he, And that a fate of… Read more »

Why Wanting Doesn’t Work & Desire Does

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by Tehya Sky Receiving cannot happen in the vessel of wanting. This is our meditation right now. Everything has a vibration. When you embody the energy of wanting, the vehicle of your being takes a particular shape. The shape of wanting. And in the shape of wanting, nothing can be truly received. Love cannot fit… Read more »

Remarkable Encounters: Chris Truhe

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It was a perfect storm of sorts when I found a craft that would carry me through it all. In 1975, I was 25 years old—just coming into my adult life. I completed college, had a job, a husband, friends; it was all exciting, lovely really . . . and it felt empty. During this… Read more »

Remarkable Encounters: Mark Ekwall

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I became aware of Ram Dass in the early 1970s through Be Here Now. An avid member of Dick Alpert’s explorers club, I had the opportunity to see Ram Dass talk in NY and Philadelphia and also had some friends at that time who studied with Ram Dass, so I was shown certain meditations and… Read more »