Prayer of Thanks and Supplication for Healing

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To the God that wears many masks, I raise my hands in prayer above my head as if to ever so lightly touch Heaven, and say softly, ‘Amen’ To Kali who just decapitated me again I say thank you, the smoke I had afterwards was one of my best ever. it’s amazing how, paradoxically, having… Read more »

Sheva Nerad: Remarkable Encounters

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I have never had the pleasure of meeting Ram Dass in person. When I was 13, my parents sent me to yoga and meditation classes because they thought I had insomnia and it would help. (What they didn’t know was that I was desperately bored in school and reading science fiction books by flashlight all… Read more »

Paul Singer: Remarkable Encounters

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It was 1970 in Washington, D.C. Friends played a tape recorded lecture in which Ram Dass described his journey to India and his transformation from Harvard professor to intrepid explorer of the mind to spiritual seeker and discoverer in terms, tenor and language that confirmed tenets I knew to be true, but had never heard… Read more »