The World is One Family

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Neem Karoli Baba nurtured the concept of Vasudhaiv kutumbakam (the world as one family) and would say that love binds all together. His blood relations along with countless others merged within this worldwide family. Devotees only learned about Baba’s relatives when his last rites were performed. Baba said, “The whole universe is our home and all… Read more »

Maharajji and the Smallpox

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Dada’s nephew was dying of smallpox and apparently the last moment had come, for the body had been moved from the bed to the floor. It was suggested that a drop of water from the Ganga, with which Maharajji’s feet had been washed, be placed in the boy’s throat. When this was done the boy… Read more »

Timeless Darshans

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The minute you meet him, if you are ready, he will plant himself within you – the seed. And time is nothing. Maharajji often counseled the Indian devotees to sit in silence; just to sit, listen, and absorb. But around Maharajji that was difficult to do, for there was a continuous and compelling drama going… Read more »

The Fall

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A man’s eight-month-old child was standing on a thirty-foot balcony. A servant and the child’s brother were there playing with a kite when the child fell to the marble floor thirty feet below. The mother tried to catch the child but couldn’t. The child didn’t move, but still there seemed to be no broken bones…. Read more »