The Deepest Type of Intimacy

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Not only was Maharaj-ji watching over us, but he could easily see within us as well. And that was quite a different matter. To realize that someone has access to the secret compartments of your mind is unnerving. It gives rise to a type of intimacy that is unparalleled in most of our human relationships. Those… Read more »

Ram Ram

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Maharajji recited the mantra “Ram Ram” all the time, twenty-four hours a day. Whenever he wanted to write something, he would write “Ram Ram,” whether on paper or in a book. If he was to send a letter to someone, he would write “Ram Ram,” saying that was his letter. Only once in later years,… Read more »

Always be Truthful

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Maharajji always guided people to program their minds with “the truth.” An element of this truth is simply right thinking about daily mundane actions, because thinking is mostly about what we say and do throughout the course of the day. The truth goes beyond “common thinking.” The basic truth is that You are not your… Read more »

Selfless Loving Service

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When asked why he was surrounded by so many badmash (naughty people), Maharajji said, “Only sick people come to a doctor.” And like an old and trusted family physician, Maharajji was available day and night for his devotees, and he made “house calls.” Thus Maharajji’s own behavior was a perfect model for that sadhana he… Read more »