Purity of Darshans

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In the winter of 1971 it started getting very crowded and Maharajji began telling people to go to different places. I was told to go to Puri. He also said I could go and see Goenka (a well-known Buddhist meditation teacher) on the way back. I had been feeling that I really needed to learn… Read more »

Baba’s Invisible Movements

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Leaving aside physical suffering and mental torture, there was another kind of deeper and more painful suffering which Babaji could not neglect. Many times it was to rescue the helpless that he had to run away like a vagabond. Sometimes unimaginable calamities come to people — someone has died, someone has been thrown out of… Read more »

The Eye of a Bird

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Maharaji had instructed me to be by myself and not to speak much. He had also told me to focus upon my anja and think of him; so one summer when we were in Kainchi, some fifty miles from where Maharaji was, I remained in my room alone, fasting for five days. I had many… Read more »

Were you talking to God?

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My wife had met Maharaji and had come to get me in America to bring me back to meet him. When we first went to see Maharaji I was put off by what I saw. All these crazy Westerners wearing white clothes and hanging around this fat old man in a blanket! More than anything… Read more »