Video Playlist: Ram Dass and Allen Ginsberg

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Ram Dass and Allen Ginsberg in the 1980’s talk about Kerouac, polarization of the 60’s, and breaking away from the social norms. One doesn’t need to have the external trappings of being a hippie in order to be truly spiritual. There was a polarization of the alternatives versus the norm. Ginsberg broke away from established society… Read more »

Mindrolling Podcast: Joseph Goldstein & Mindfulness

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Joseph Goldstein, Insight Meditation Society sage, with us in conversation about his new book “Mindfulness: A Practical Guide To Awakening” – washing the mind of neurosis; combating I, Me, Mine; what you’re looking for is what is looking… Listen to more Mindrolling podcasts Here. In order for us to be able to make these teachings… Read more »

Soma (Divine Nectar) Guided Meditation with Ram Dass

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  Stream this meditation for free via the SoundCloud player on this page, or purchase an MP3 download of the meditation. Ram Dass leads a 35 minute meditation, originally recorded January 1981, in Sydney Australia. Ram Dass guides a soma (divine nectar) meditation, focusing on drawing the living spirit in through the breath and body –… Read more »