Ram Dass on The Inner Voice

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In order to fully trust our inner voice we must first tune to the frequency of the heart. The more we quiet the mind and free ourselves from clinging to thought forms the better able we are to hear the deeper voice within.

Ram Dass on Obsessions

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Ram Dass encourages us to make friends with our neurosis through compassion, rather than trying to avoid or push it away. As we free ourselves from identification with these tendencies they often begin naturally to fall away… Watch Below   Photo via Flickr

Video: Ram Dass on Being Love

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Ram Dass on Being Love

How can we cultivate surrender? How can we develop a relationship to the Guru? In this 20 minute video, Ram Dass describes his relationship to his Guru, Maharaji, as a life-long companionship. He answers several questions from an online audience relating to mindfulness and meditation. Watch Below