Listen: The Object of the Dance

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“If you want perfection in your spiritual journey you must honor your incarnation and become totally free of it” The goal is not to realize God and forget humanity, but to fully embrace both by coming to the understanding that form and formlessness are two different faces of God (1976)   Image by Wendy Longo… Read more »

Listen: From Separation to Source

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Learning to live in the moment can be such a difficult task for even the most mindful of us, yet it’s so important in order for us to become free. When we honor who we are we can start to liberate ourselves from our attachments, which are driven by our desire to cling to fleeting… Read more »

The Place of Us (Audio)

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Ram Dass explores the variety of ways in which we enter into relationships, eventually coming to the understanding that we are all God, and must act accordingly. (recorded in 1969)

Ram Dass on Facing Death

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Part of our agenda as people of any age is to find some way of being with the idea of death. Whether confronting our own passing or grieving the death of someone we love, we’re trapped in our pain – until we look beyond the form. Then we see that everyone we’ve ever loved is… Read more »