Ram Dass on Facing Death

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Part of our agenda as people of any age is to find some way of being with the idea of death. Whether confronting our own passing or grieving the death of someone we love, we’re trapped in our pain – until we look beyond the form. Then we see that everyone we’ve ever loved is… Read more »

Listen: Ram Dass on Living the Mystery

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The process is realizing that you and I exist on more than one plane of awareness simultaneously and on one plane suffering stinks, and on another plane suffering is grace. And the question is, “Can you balance those two things in your consciousness?”

Ram Dass ‘Radiating Love’ Meditation

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This 12 minute meditation lead by Ram Dass centers around taking the love you cultivate for yourself and radiating it to others, the world, the universe – focusing on all of us loving ourselves and our planet as One. Meditation Transcription We are immersed in love, Outside and inside, And you can radiate love from… Read more »