Merging with the Divine (Parts 1-3)

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(Audio recorded on 9/26/1975 – Lawrence, KS – University of Kansas) Part 1: Ram Dass discusses how our attachments keep us in the illusion that we are separate beings and that our true selves want only to reunite with the divine. If you have come to realize that there is much more about ourselves and the… Read more »

Spiritual Materialism

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Ram Dass talks about the promises and the pitfalls of the spiritual path, and the shift of reality that happened in the sixties that was predicated by psychedelics. This shift blew apart the traditional religious systems that were in place at the time, and the psychedelics gave people a connection that they had never experienced… Read more »

Playlist: Methods to Consciousness (Part 5-8)

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Recorded on 4/18/1970 – Dublin, NH – Cumbres Growth Center Part 5: Ram Dass encourages us to minimize external stimulation to reach one-pointedness. When practiced long enough, mantras become autonomous. An openness and acceptance begins to permeate our very being. They are the background against which enlightened beings do everything else in life. Part 6: Ram Dass… Read more »