The Ego: A Dichotomy of Fear and Love

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What I was wondering is if you could talk a little about distinguishing between healthy independence, like your refusal to go to medical school, and an egoism that would be an obstacle to personal growth. Ram Dass: Well, let’s first just define the term a little bit. The term ego is a structure of mind that… Read more »

Making Decisions Amidst Change

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Question: If everything in ourselves and the world is constantly changing, how do we make a decision that we will be able to live with in the next moment? Ram Dass: Well, you make a decision based on the optimum information you have available now, and on the total moment by quieting the mind, and feeling the… Read more »

Making Sex Sacred

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Ram Dass, how can we make sex sacred? Ram Dass: Things that come to mind in response to that question are the way in which you make something into a sacrament; the way in which you invest a ritual; the way in which you slow down the process so that lust is not – “lust”… Read more »

Career Planning on the Spiritual Path

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A lot of people are very afraid of career planning, to deal with the inconsistency of growth and the chaotic look that you may have if you keep changing your game. Many people begin to be a teacher, and then they don’t want to be a teacher, or they start being a doctor and then they… Read more »