Excess Baggage

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A human life is a series of experiences. When we have little awareness of our predicament, experiences feed our attachments and condition our desire for more experiences. Our perspective changes when we begin to sense, even momentarily, the unity of all things and our identity with the Self. We start to see each experience as… Read more »

Guru vs. Teacher

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The way we use the term ‘guru’ in the west (since we don’t understand it very well) is like a sort of ‘super teacher’. There are a lot of people that present themselves as gurus, and that has nothing to do with whether they’re gurus or not, in the real sense of the term ‘guru.’ The… Read more »

Remembering Wayne Dyer

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I met Wayne Dyer soon after Ram Dass was released from the hospital in Maui, when he decided that he was going to remain in Maui to allow the island to renew his healing. But there was the question of how Ram Dass would be able to be sustained when in that moment, after having given away… Read more »