Thought Prison

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Wherever there is attachment Associated with it Brings endless misery. – Gampopa, The Jewel Ornament of Liberation   Your ego is a set of thoughts that define your universe. It’s like a familiar room built of thoughts; you see the universe through its windows. You are secure in it, but to the extent that you… Read more »

Overcoming Separateness

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We try so hard to overcome separateness with others. More intimacy. More rubbing of bodies. More exchanging of ideas. But always it’s as if you are yelling out of your room and I am yelling out of mine. Even trying to get out of the room invests the room with a reality. Who am I?… Read more »

The Totality of the Moment

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The past has flown away. The coming month and year do not exist; Ours only is the present’s tiny point. -Mahmud Shabistari There have been moments in your life when you were pure awareness. No concepts, no thoughts like “I am aware” or “That is a tree” or “Now I am meditating.” Just pure awareness…. Read more »

Motives for Meditation

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“From the moment you came into the world of being , A ladder was placed before you that you might escape.” – Divani Shamsi Tabriz Initially most people choose to meditate out of curiosity or to relieve psychological pain, increase pleasure, or enhance power. The goal of all these motives is to strengthen the ego…. Read more »