The Grace of a Mosquito

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In Bodhgaya, where Buddha was enlightened, perhaps a hundred of us gathered at a monastery for meditation training. For ten days at a time we meditated intensively from five-thirty in the morning until ten at night. During these ten-day periods on about the eighth day the teacher would instruct us to spend a sixty-minute period… Read more »

Mindfulness of Breath

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Try these directions for mindfulness of breathing, a basic concentration practice: When you’re ready to meditate, close your eyes and bring your attention to the motion of your breath as it enters and leaves your nostrils. Keep your focus at the nostrils, noting the full passage of each in-breath and out-breath from beginning to end…. Read more »

Cultivating Mindfulness

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Perhaps at some time you have sat quietly by the side of an ocean or river. At first there is one big rush of sound. Listening quietly, you begin to hear a multitude of subtle sounds: the waves hitting the shore, the rushing current of the river. In that peacefulness and silence of mind you… Read more »

Why do we use Mantras?

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As we purify our own consciousness by extricating ourselves from the grosser vibrational planes, we turn back toward the formless. The practice of mantra is a technique for tuning us to those subtler vibrational levels. As we move more and more deeply into mantra, the sound becomes the vehicle that allows us to experience both… Read more »