Finding Truth Amidst Change

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When somebody comes to me and they are suffering deeply, my first experience is one of empathy with their pain; my heart hurts. Then as my mind quiets down, I start to experience expanded awareness in which I am feeling an identity with that person, rather than just empathy; now a new phenomenon has occurred,… Read more »

Working with Impulse

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Question: Human beings seem to be limited in our ability to express the impulses that stem from deep within ourselves.  Is this limitation inherited through our culture, or is it a basic human limitation?  And if it is, must we always be, as it were, alone with our experience? Ram Dass: I think our inability to… Read more »

Exploring our Awareness through Suffering

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In order to be able to cultivate awareness of the intuitive heart, you have to finally come to terms with things like suffering and death. Many of us respond to them with denial, because it’s just too much, and you close the heart to protect yourself, with despair. To that extent you are not able to be with… Read more »

The Nature of a Teacher

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“When you forget all your dualistic ideas, everything becomes your teacher, and everything can be the object of worship.” – Shunryu Suzuki If several teachers are available in your area, how do you select one? I say in your area, because you needn’t go far afield to begin meditation. To travel all over looking for… Read more »