Being Present with our Actions

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If we accept that the ends of our actions often prove unknowable, we’re also freer to be focused on the process of our work as it’s happening. We can be attentive to situations as they occur. What lies before us is it. Helping is right here. Not having to know so badly, not wandering off… Read more »

Meditation and Expectations

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When you begin to meditate you may notice changes right away. You may feel less anxious or more alert. You may be better able to concentrate, have more energy, be more at ease socially, or be more powerful intellectually. Or nothing much may seem to change. Don’t count on anything dramatic. Most changes happen slowly…. Read more »

The Grace of a Mosquito

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In Bodhgaya, where Buddha was enlightened, perhaps a hundred of us gathered at a monastery for meditation training. For ten days at a time we meditated intensively from five-thirty in the morning until ten at night. During these ten-day periods on about the eighth day the teacher would instruct us to spend a sixty-minute period… Read more »

Mindfulness of Breath

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Try these directions for mindfulness of breathing, a basic concentration practice: When you’re ready to meditate, close your eyes and bring your attention to the motion of your breath as it enters and leaves your nostrils. Keep your focus at the nostrils, noting the full passage of each in-breath and out-breath from beginning to end…. Read more »