How do you open your heart?

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It is so incredibly gentle and beautiful to start a dialogue of love with a being who is love. Some of you have known Meher Baba who is such great love, or Christ who is a statement of love, who is love itself. You just open yourself. You can sit in your little meditation area… Read more »

The Clarity of a Quiet Mind

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In the clarity of a quiet mind, there is room for all that is actually happening and whatever else might also be possible. Though we may be mindful of myriad details, our attention never wavers from the specific situation or person in need. The intimacy of our attention becomes a heart-to-heart lifeline made firm and… Read more »

The Answer to Dying

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The answer to dying is to be present in the moment. And the way in which you die is by being conscious at the moment of dying and saying, ‘Right! Look at this! Far out! Look at this energy!’ Be fully conscious now. People say to me ‘Is this the Aquarian Age do you think?… Read more »

Washing the Dishes

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Most of the time, we’re living in our minds, in our memories, plans, reflections, and judgments. The mind is continually presenting us with thoughts, and we’re buying them, and then identifying with them, and then we end up losing the moment – we’re just off with the thought, and we’re not here at all. I keep training… Read more »