As The World Turns…

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There are many planes of reality that my consciousness can be at when I look at another person. I can look at you and I can see men and women, old and young, and light and dark and so on. I see the physical bodies. Or I can flip it and I can see happy,… Read more »

The Rebirth of a Moment

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What do you think God is? Well, I’ll tell you what I think God is. I’ve been thinking about it. Ram Kir, the Indian mystic, says “A God defined is a God confined.” “What can’t be said, can’t be said and it can’t be whistled about either.” He also said “I am without form, without… Read more »

The Predicament of Parenthood

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My son has developed a neurotic habit that worries me and my wife quite a bit. What should we do? To the extent that you are free of the attachment to how it ought to be with your son and with your identity as a father, with being able to be a father perfectly –… Read more »

How Do You Open Your Heart?

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It is so incredibly gentle and beautiful to start a dialogue of love with a being who is love. Some of you have known Meher Baba who is such great love, or Christ who is a statement of love, who is love itself. You just open yourself. You can sit in your little meditation area… Read more »