Ep. 85 – Dharmic Fire

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Ram Dass’ precise enquiry into the real nature of purification and liberation – jumping into your own individuated Dharmic fire, not ignoring your weaknesses and neuroses. The bliss is one part, the reality of life on Earth at this moment is another – he firmly suggests embracing all of it. There is “no irrelevancy in… Read more »

Ep. 84 – Smorgasborg

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Ram Dass takes a number of questions on how to navigate our paths in life. He talks about how to deal with fear and sit with it, watching our reactivity, wanting to create resistance against what we are afraid of. Allow yourself to notice the resistance and keep softening, embrace it into yourself. The resistance… Read more »

Ep. 83 – Veil of Tears

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When we have any kind of mystical or ineffable experience, it upsets our apple cart. It upsets the security of our separateness. We get attached to our separateness and become afraid of losing it. And out of that comes greed, lust, anxiety and fear. The main quality of that separateness is suffering, which is why… Read more »

Ep. 82 – From Boundaries to the Human Agenda

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Ram Dass takes questions from the audience on a variety of topics including letting go of boundaries, “What is the Guru?” psychedelics, methods as traps and the human agenda to name a few. Potent Quotes: “Trust your intuitive heart – everyone has an inner guide. Maharaji is my inner imaginary playmate – I talk to… Read more »