Episode 75 – Tired of Being Should Upon

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Dan Ellsberg tries scare tactics to get Ram Dass to take social action. Ram Dass says  –“In fact nuclear weaponry are out of balance with the way of things- The Dao – so you don’t have to cajole or coerce people into acting. You can’t milk it through fear. You can just trust people’s gut…. Read more »

Episode 73 – Knocking on the Door of the Spiritual Heart

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In this podcast, Mickey Lemle, filmmaker and director of the Ram Dass documentary Fierce Grace, talks with Ram Dass about the power of storytelling. Writing sometimes doesn’t allow spiritual concepts to come across fully. Storytelling can convey the direct human experience of spirituality in a more personal and immediate way. Join Ram Dass and Mickey… Read more »

Episode 72: Puja Chat with Lama Surya Das Part 1

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Surya Das joins Ram Dass for a puja side chat at Ram Dass’ home on Maui. Surya Das is a bhakta as well as an American Lama. They explore questions like, “What is our true sadhana (spiritual practice)?” – “Are we egos or dharma masters? Or are we simply two brothers on the path to… Read more »

Episode 71: The Spark Behind the Veil

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How far do you have to go to get through the layers of psychology, of defenses, of personalities in order to get to the root of a being, behind those veils where the spark is – the overriding faith in reality beyond the senses.