Episode 71: The Spark Behind the Veil

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How far do you have to go to get through the layers of psychology, of defenses, of personalities in order to get to the root of a being, behind those veils where the spark is – the overriding faith in reality beyond the senses.

Episode 70 – The Duality Enigma

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We are both separate and one. Creator and created. The question is, “Can we allow for free will and at the same time acknowledge that everything is determined?” The trick is to neither identify nor deny either of them.

Episode 69 – The Confusion of the Paradox

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The confusion of the paradox you find yourself in is that you are in an incarnation that’s totally dedicated to the preservation of its own separateness, and at the same time you are awakening to the realization that the entire domain of separateness is but another illusion. So you find yourself marching in the opposite… Read more »

Episode 68 – Passing Show

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Forms are created and exist and disappear into the formless. Methods are the ship crossing the ocean of existence. You entrap yourself in them in order to burn out karma that keeps you from being free. You know that the method works when it self-destructs.   Photo by James Gayaldo via Flickr. Used under the… Read more »