Episode 77 – True Renunciation

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Renunciation is internal dropout, not external dropout. This is often in direct contrast to the Western model of achievement oriented success. But we are not required to move off into a cave in order to find enlightenment. Through complete devotion to our work and our love for that process, we can absolutely move in the direction… Read more »

Episode 76 – Predicaments on the Path

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Ram Dass answers questions from the audience on the predicament of Grace and Karma- the predicament of judging- the predicament of social responsibility. Also same sex relationships and the relation to divinity. “Only when you are honoring the plane on which it is all totally perfect just the way it is, can you assume on… Read more »

Episode 75 – Tired of Being Should Upon

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Dan Ellsberg tries scare tactics to get Ram Dass to take social action. Ram Dass says  –“In fact nuclear weaponry are out of balance with the way of things- The Dao – so you don’t have to cajole or coerce people into acting. You can’t milk it through fear. You can just trust people’s gut…. Read more »

Episode 73 – Knocking on the Door of the Spiritual Heart

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In this podcast, Mickey Lemle, filmmaker and director of the Ram Dass documentary Fierce Grace, talks with Ram Dass about the power of storytelling. Writing sometimes doesn’t allow spiritual concepts to come across fully. Storytelling can convey the direct human experience of spirituality in a more personal and immediate way. Join Ram Dass and Mickey… Read more »