Episode 64 – Making Friends with Change

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Change is an opportunity for growth, but it requires consciousness that holds an inner quality of equanimity and openness to the unknown. A certain way in which the chaos of the moment doesn’t undercut you because you are not dependent on the external for your equanimity. You and I are in training to be instruments… Read more »

Episode 63 – Soul Pod

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Ram Dass hosts his long time Buddhist friends- Jack Kornfield, Catherine Ingram and Wes Nisker at his home in Maui for an intimate chat on their first meetings – the gathering of the “soul pod” – In the early 70’s these westerners took in the essence of Hinduism and Buddhism from the East, deepening their… Read more »

Episode 62 – Reincarnation

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The whole design of your incarnation is like an incredible computer program that sets you into the exact life situations to move you forward towards true awareness. It’s all perfect. Every part of the birth you are taking is part of the unfolding of the karma you need to burn through. There is not one… Read more »