Episode 46: …And That Too

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Our journey is about totally embracing life, but doing it with non-attachment. By embracing the ten thousand horrible visions and the ten thousand beautiful visions, you go through the doorway of nature to go beyond nature at the same time as being fully in it.  

Episode 45: Conspiracy of Consciousness Pt. 2

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How do we bring spirituality and business together? How do we bring sustainability and justice into business? We must fulfill our roles to use them as vehicles to become free. Ram Dass uses the Social Venture Network and their honest social action as examples of conscious business practices.  

Episode 43 – Bringing it all Back Home

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We have built such a habitual structure of self definition on this plane of reality. That’s the model you impose with your self definition of separateness. What does it take to bring about the full transformation so that you dance in your separateness without being entrapped by it?