Episode 38 – Swimming with Dolphins

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Swimming with the dolphins connected me immediately to my intuitive heart space. They were a mirror of non-judgmental awareness that reminded me of being with Maharaji. Being with him felt like being with someone who was human but not human, like a wild animal. I was removed from my conceptual conspiracy of relating to the… Read more »

Episode 37 – Aldous Huxley

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Aldous Huxley preceded Ram Dass and Tim Leary in explorations of the remote frontiers of the mind and unmapped areas of human consciousness. In, “Doors of Perception” Huxley studied the profound effects of mind-expanding drugs. In the book “Island” he described an ideal society that flourished on a remote South Sea island. An outsider is… Read more »

Episode 36 – Promises & Pitfalls Pt. 3

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The spiritual journey is a different path than what you thought you were on. It’s very hard to make the transition to that path because we tend to take the power from the spiritual work we do to make our lives “nice” – but that’s not what the path offers. The path offers freedom, but… Read more »