Polishing the Mirror Release

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Order Polishing the Mirror: Click Here to order the hardcover book from the Ram Dass Webstore Click Here to download the Amazon Kindle Version Click Here to download for iBooks Moments of boundless love and realization do occur spontaneously, but it is our daily life practice that clarifies the mind and heart—and makes these experiences… Read more »

Meeting Maharaji

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The night before I met Maharaji, I went outside to go to the bathroom. Under the star-filled Indian skies, I thought about my mother who died the previous year of cancer of the spleen. As I was thinking about her, I experienced the powerful feeling of her presence. Telling no one, I kept this meaningful… Read more »

Row, Row, Row Your Boat

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Part of the process of awakening is the recognition that the realities we thought were absolute are only relative. We have known this since childhood. This audio of Ram Dass was recorded in San Diego, California, 1978 in an outdoor amphitheater on a warm summer night.