Compassion, Truth and Adversity

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A new film featuring Ram Dass & Sharon Salzberg “Compassion is not acting as if we need to help another person, it’s like one hand pulling the other out of the fire. It’s all part of the same body.” – Ram Dass There’s no doubt that we all face adversity. These days it can be… Read more »

Love Without Cause

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It is quite a different experience, in some ways, every time we go to India. In this case, the biggest thing about India, ultimately, is really well expressed in one of the Sutras, which loosely says “In order to really become a balanced human being, you need to embrace both the ten thousand horrible visions… Read more »

Episode 62 – Reincarnation

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The whole design of your incarnation is like an incredible computer program that sets you into the exact life situations to move you forward towards true awareness. It’s all perfect. Every part of the birth you are taking is part of the unfolding of the karma you need to burn through. There is not one… Read more »