There Is No Richard Alpert Anymore

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Written by Robert Harmony Carr   There is no Richard Alpert anymore, He walked through Aldous Huxley’s famous door, And sailed his mind upon a distant shore, There is no Richard Alpert anymore. He met a man who shared a mystery That Richard sought, and learned that Ram was he, And that a fate of… Read more »

“Miracle of Love” eBook Available Now

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Download the eBook Here:  iBooks for Mac  Amazon Kindle  Nook  “In 1967 I met Neem Karoli Baba, a meeting which changed the course of my life. In the depth of his compassion, wisdom, humor, power and love I found human possibility never before imagined…an extraordinary integration of spirit and form. I was with him only… Read more »

Ram Dass on Conscious Aging

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Recorded at the Conscious Aging conference sponsored by the Omega Institute in 1992 on the nature of change and facing death with Ram Dass. This conscious aging conference was the first of its kind on aging. Ram Dass had just turned sixty. In other cultures besides America, there are different feelings about aging. In India,… Read more »