Ajahn Sumedho

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So much fear and desire come from that commitment to ‘I am’–to being somebody. Eventually they take us to anxiety and despair; life seems much more difficult and painful than it really is. But when we just observe life for what it is, then it’s all right: the delights, the beauty, the pleasures are just… Read more »

Mindrolling Podcast: Roshi Joan Halifax

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“Roshi Joan honors us with her wisdom and illuminated presence. She gets into the need for authentic daily practice and avoidance of the quick fix…dealing with moral distress…actualized compassion and retaining buoyancy in a difficult world…Thich Nhat Hanh and Alan Watts’s influence…working with the great folklorist, Alan Lomax…bodhicitta & the awakened heart – a lot… Read more »

Pomegranate Seeds

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Living in the ashram at Kainchi I seldom had the opportunity to buy anything to offer Maharajji. Somehow I obtained a pomegranate one day. I waited until late afternoon when Maharajji would walk to the back and give darshan outdoors in front of the showers. Only a few ashram guests along with an occasional VIP… Read more »

Still Your Thoughts

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Recorded on 6/21/1970 in West Franklin, New Hampshire Part 1: “We are all addicted to methods we use to get to the light”. The problem with these methods is that they all involve an object. These objects, though they may seem like they will bring peace, ultimately lead beings into isolation, anxiety, and dualism. Ram… Read more »