“The Veil” (Transcription)

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Raghu:    Hi, I’m Raghu Markus.  So, from Maharajji’s temple and that incredible atmosphere, we all boarded a bus to a remote Himalayan town called Kausani not more than a hundred miles as the crow flies to the 29,000- foot Himalayan peaks.  It was an absolutely amazing place where very few Westerners had been and there… Read more »

“Darshan” (Transcription)

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Raghu: Hi, I’m Raghu Markus, Well, after five months in India, I finally arrived in the foothills of the Himalayas on a late spring day, wondering what in the world was in store for me. Ram Dass had said, “Nobody can meet the guru, and if you do meet him, you meet him for a… Read more »

“Guru Found” (Transcription)

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Raghu:     Hi.  I’m Raghu Markus.  Well, I had heard about “Dehli Belly” but I never knew that you could actually have projectile waste coming from two orifices at once.  As soon as I recovered from dysentery, I contacted hepatitis; so in my first month in India, I contracted two deadly diseases; talk about forced purification. … Read more »