On the Path to God

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Late one evening Sri Ma and Sri Jiwanti Ma and some other women devotees arrived in Kainchi for Baba’s darshan. Baba was not there; he had gone to Bhumiadhar. There were no buses at that time to return to Nainital or to travel to Bhumiadhar. However Sri Ma and Sri Jiwanti Ma decided to go… Read more »

“Aging and Awakening” Transcription

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Raghu: Here we are again, Ram Dass Here and Now podcast. I’m Raghu Markus. Let’s see, today I’ve found an old talk – when is this from? It’s not that old compared to how old they can be since he started doing this in the ‘60’s. This is from 1993. At that time he was… Read more »

You Are the Ladle

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One summer a rich businessman was living in the ashram with his wife and two teenaged children for a month. Seeing how the feeding was done every day, he expressed his interest in feeding sweets to the people visiting the ashram and sought Babaji’s permission to do so. He said he would get the required… Read more »

Functions of a Teacher

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As far as teachers are concerned, a teacher is found wherever you are when you’re ready for that teacher. If you’re aware enough to ask the question, “How am I going to get on with my work?” and you answer it, “Well, what I ought to do is calm my mind down,” the next question… Read more »