“Risk Being Human” Transcription

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Raghu Markus:  Hi and welcome to Ram Dass Here and Now, and I’m Raghu Markus. It’s the start of a new year, 2013. We made it! And this is the first podcast of the year. So, it’s interesting, because I went to a New Year’s party the other night. New Years eve party.  I never… Read more »

Consecrating Actions

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Artwork by Sam Brown  Take the matter of consecrating life actions. What I mean by the word consecration is bringing into consciousness the nature of the act in a cosmic plan. For example, in the old days people would say grace. Grace was a thing you waited for before you ate the turkey. Norman Rockwell characterizes… Read more »

“Promises and Pitfalls” Transcription

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Raghu Markus: Welcome to Ram Dass Here and Now. I’m Raghu Markus. Today we have a talk that I dug up from the vast archives from Ram Dass’s work over the last 40 odd years, amazing. This one is about, and is called; The Promises and Pitfalls of the Spiritual Path. It’s rich material here…. Read more »

Support the Love Serve Remember Foundation

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In order for us to be able to continue to share these types of events with our online community, we’d love your support. Please consider a donation to the Love Serve Remember foundation so we can continue to provide online workshops, events and films to expand our ever-growing Digital Media Library, which we are now offering to… Read more »