I desired to have Maharaji come visit my home but kept putting off asking him. I had told Dada of my desire, hoping that he could help me to invite Maharaji. I had just met Maharaji for the first time a few weeks before. One day I was standing outside the window where Maharaji was, when he called me in. Just he and Dada were in the room. As I entered, I felt myself transcend into some other state of consciousness and was aware mostly of a great opening in the region of my heart chakra – but it was as a gaping, empty blackness. I could barely see with my eyes or hear with my ears, and I’m sure my mouth was hanging open. My eyes went unblinking.

The two were talking. Maharaji would look at me and speak to Dada, and Dada would translate what was said. Maharaji was saying he couldn’t come visit me because the people in the village where I was staying were all very wicked and they had no love for him. Then he sent me out of the room. Afterward, when I returned to my more habitual consciousness, I felt as though Maharaji meant that he could not come visit my heart, as it was filled with worldly desires and had no room for love of him – and that as a result of that darshan, he had cleared out my heart so that he indeed could come flooding in.

Maharaji says, “Cleanse the mirror of your heart and you will see God.”

Such peace and love I never got from anyone in the whole world, not from mother, not from father, not from wife, not from anybody. Extraordinary.

– Excerpt from Miracle of Love: Stories about Neem Karoli Baba, compiled by Ram Dass.



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