Being Free Together


Contemplations from Ram Dass
Attend to keeping my heart open. Remember what Kabir said- “Do what you do with another human being, but never put them out of your heart.”

Honor my intuitive heart and give it space and respect so that it provides a real balance for my intellect.

Quite my mind. Free up my awareness so that it is not at the reactive mercy of each passing thought. Remember: “Quiteness is Master of the Deed.”

Listen. Listen with non-judging non-craving awareness to hear clearly.

Align my actions with my deepest truth. Stay conscious of the ways in which my life lacks integrity- economically, socially, politically, personally and philosophically- with what I know to be the deepest truth.

Re-consecrate my self again and always so that my actions will be an offering to God by whatever name. Remember the bottom line: I took birth in order to awaken out of the illusion of separateness. All of this stuff of life is the curriculum. Stop complaining and enjoy!




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