Cookbook for Awakening

Every seeker needs a map. Here’s one for your inner journey...  

Introducing a new book from Ram Dass to help you navigate life's most essential questions.

Ram Dass’ newest release, Cookbook for Awakening, is a unique offering that weaves together his essential teachings from the past five decades with a tapestry of rare photographs, handwritten letters and meaningful imagery to help you become more awake in your life.  

Cookbook for Awakening is a visual meditation that encompasses many decades of service, to inspire you to inhabit “be here now” in a truly authentic way.  

What’s inside?

  • 40 high-quality color pages of Ram Dass’ most potent writings on awareness, meditation, relationships, unconditional love, service and compassion.  
  • Pages of archival photographs, quotes and never-before-seen letters from his life as a cultural icon to his historical meeting with his guru, Neem Karoli Baba.

Who is this book for?

  • New & experienced meditators and yoga practitioners who want to bring a deeper level of awareness into their practice.  
  • Those who want to enter into the new year with a renewed sense of intention, awareness and balance.  
  •  Journeyers and travelers who want to bring the fullness of the present moment into their explorations, whether it’s on the road or backpacking in Nepal.  
  • A gift for family members and friends who are interested in Ram Dass but want to learn more about his core teachings.  
  • Spiritual meet-ups and gatherings - use the book to support each other on the path through studying together, checking in with friends, and keeping each other accountable for nurturing your spiritual practices.  

An essential addition to your spiritual toolkit...

The limited-edition print of Cookbook for Awakening is the perfect way to brighten up your coffee table or bookshelf. We may live in a mostly digital world, but there will never be a substitute for picking up a book and turning the page. 

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