Cultivating the Courage to Love 

Free video streams that will help you nurture selfless love

If you missed out on our retreat last spring this is your opportunity to take part in 9 hours of dharma talks in a free video and audio stream.

Cultivating the Courage to Love 

Session List

Session 1

Trust, Truth & Love

Ram Dass, Krishna Das & Roshi Joan Halifax 

Session 2 

Smiling into the Blessings of Life

Roshi Joan Halifax

Session 3

Finding Courage to Love Yourself

Ram Dass & Rameshwar Das

Session 4

Why Does Practice Matter?

Krishna Das

Session 5

Being With the Truth of Suffering

Roshi Joan Halifax & Krishna Das

Session 6

Using Vulnerability as a Tool for Cultivation

Ram Dass & Duncan Trussell & Raghu Markus

Session 7

The Importance of Pushing Boundaries 

Roshi Joan Halifax & Mirabai Starr

Session 8

Practice & Buddha Mind

Krishna Das, Ram Dass & Roshi Joan Halifax & Raghu Markus

Session 9

The Three Jewels of Refuge

Roshi Joan Halifax 

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