Rediscovering Trust in Uncertain Times - Digital Downloads

A Digital Retreat to Help You Discover the Power of a Trusting Heart 

Featuring some of the most profound wisdom teachers and thought leaders of our time: Ram Dass, Jack Kornfield, Trudy Goodman, Krishna Das, Mirabai Bush, Duncan Trussell, Raghu Markus and more...

Discover how mindfulness engenders trust and our ever-growing capacity to love. 

On the day we were born and held for the first time, we entered into a lifelong relationship with trust.  

As children, most of our parents held us and offered us the stability to begin to explore what trust really means, but as we grew older and fell into society, we lost some of the purest essence of our ability to simply be with our experience moment-to-moment; to trust in our truest hearts. 

But that doesn't mean our trust abandoned us; when the sun is out we still know that the stars are shining, we just can't see them. This is the innate power of trust.  

Our ability to reconnect to the purest source of trust allows us to more openly give and receive love. In fact, the essence of awakening, enjoying and appreciating our lives lie in our ability to surrender and to trust.

No matter what life has thrown at us, there is always a way to trust not only that we can be present for life, but that it's in the very nature of our life to renew itself.  

The reality of this truth is a beautiful gift, because fortunately as humans we have the ability to wake up wherever we are, we just need to discover the tools and wisdom to usher us into the moment...  

We are now offering this entire newly released retreat, Rediscovering Trust in Uncertain Times (all 12 sessions) as a discounted bundle, allowing you to experience the entire retreat at your pace and wherever you choose.  

If you’re someone that likes to put your earbuds in and go for a walk then the audio collection is right up your alley. If you like to see the faces of these teachers as they transmit their wisdom, the video collection available to you. We even have a complete collection available if you want to own both versions.

Get a feel for the retreat by watching a short 2-minute preview below...

In this digital retreat, you'll engage with wisdom on the following topics:  

  • Discover how mindfulness engenders trust and our ever-growing capacity to love.
  • Gain a new perspective on the world around you by learning to move through stressful situations and moments with more ease and compassion.
  • Through lineage-based storytelling, you'll learn important universal lessons that have been passed down from the great spiritual masters of our world.
  • Renew your meditation practice through guided sessions with our teachers, each focusing on a different aspect of a trusting heart to help us cultivate spaciousness from the inside out.
  • Immerse yourself in core teachings from some of the most profound teachers and wisdom-leaders of our time in audio or video format.  

What will you learn in each of the teaching sessions?

Session 1 - Opening Ceremony - Featuring Ram Dass, Krishna Das, Jack Kornfield, Mirabai Bush, Trudy Goodman, Rameshwar Das and Raghu Markus 

Our retreat teachers introduce us to the theme of trust, acknowledging that the past year has cultivated a unique time of heightened anxiety and stress. How do we learn to trust in the changes that are introduced to us collectively and individually in our lives? How do we learn to trust and welcome the changing of the seasons as people pass away and others come of age?  

The more we can train ourselves to keep letting go of whatever fantasies we're caught in, we gradually get a sense of what it feels like to be at home within ourselves. Slowly, once we break through beneath our thoughts, we learn to trust ourselves and our true nature.

Session 2 - The Gifts of Mindfulness and Trust - Featuring Jack Kornfield and Trudy Goodman

Jack begins our first session with a discussion on the gifts of mindfulness and trust, elaborating that mindfulness allows us to not be afraid of our life experiences, but to be present for the 10,000 joys and the 10,000 sorrows. As you begin to understand and trust your desires, you come to a deeper understanding of them, and your capacity to be present grows.  

Trudy shares her own experience with innate trust - reminding us that we have so much trust within us already; we already know that when the sun is out, the stars are still there shining even if we can't see them.  

Session 3 - The Meeting of Trust and Love - Featuring Ram Dass, Mirabai Bush and Rameshwar Das

Ram Dass, Mirabai and Ramesh explore the point where love and trust meet, including trust in Maharaji, who is the reflection of our deepest being. Why is the word “surrender” taboo in our culture, and how are surrender and trust correlated?  

Mirabai ruminates on the level of intimacy that deep trust requires through personal stories about loved ones and poems on love, including an excerpt from the book she is writing with Ram Dass on dying.  

Session 4 - Stepping Out of Our Thoughts - Featuring Krishna Das  

How do we find a way to let go of our obsessive flow of thoughts and come into the present moment? Can we honor our worldly desires and still maintain a spiritual life?  

The idea of practice is to cultivate the ability to let go in order to create space between you and your suffering, then eventually the time you spend in negative states lessens.  

We spend most of our lives living outside of the here and now. All spiritual practices are designed to bring the moment of awakening closer, and in Krishna Das' case, chanting is the practice that brings him the most freedom.  

Session 5 - Starting with Forgiveness - Featuring Jack Kornfield and Trudy Goodman  

In this talk, Jack shares that forgiveness has the potential to open us up to vastness and love, which comes from the truth that we're all connected.  

He teaches that without forgiveness, we are chained to the past. How do we rebuild trust when people have caused you harm?  

Trudy explores how our first experience of trust comes as infants, sharing that we have to be able to trust the contents of each present moment. It’s easy to miss the momentary teachings because it’s sometimes a struggle for us to trust that deep knowing that this moment is all we have.  

Session 6 - The Intersection of Faith & Trust - Featuring Ram Dass, Krishna Das & Raghu Markus

The trio engages in a humorous and lively discussion on how faith intersects with trust.  

“Real faith comes from an immediate connection with something real. Trust is what we have to do to clean up our act in order to immerse ourselves in that faith.” - Krishna Das  

The trio then explores the intersection of Bhakti and Buddhist teachings.

Session 7 - Celebrating the Feminine Aspect of Dharma - Featuring Nina Rao, Trudy Goodman, Mirabai Bush and Saraswati Markus

Our all-female panel explores the different aspects of the divine feminine, from the capacity to create life, to learning to live within the cycles of change, to the energies that must be balanced if women are to thrive in a predominantly male-oriented world - while still revering the male energies that allow us to survive and thrive.  

They share the ways feminine energy presents itself in their lives, from meeting great women saints to bringing new life into the world, the way the feminine shows up for each woman is different yet powerful in it’s own way.  

Session 8 - How Do You Align Your Life? - Featuring Jack Kornfield

How do you align your life? Is it with love or with fear?  

How does remaining present with our pain allow us to deeply heal ourselves and others?  

Jack leads a series of practices designed to help us find a way to deal with difficult times, interwoven with potent stories about the ability that loving awareness has to heal ourselves and others.

Session 9 - The Skeptic vs. The Faithful - Featuring Ram Dass, Duncan Trussell and Raghu Markus

Duncan engages Ram Dass in a humorous and lively discussion on a series of topics and questions surrounding synchronicity, the power of trust, LSD, “getting past the miracle addiction” and how those of us who never spent time with Neem Karoli Baba in the flesh can still open ourselves up to feel that unconditional love and faith.  

Ram Dass explores skepticism and faith and the places from which those emotions grow.

Session 10 - The Way of the Leopard - Featuring John Lockley, Jack Kornfield and Trudy Goodman

Jack and Trudy host a lengthy Q&A from the audience about the various teachings, experiences and practices that those who attended the retreat experienced throughout their time together. 

Trudy introduces us to her dear friend John Lockley, a sangoma (shaman) in the Xhosa tradition of South Africa. John shares his incredible story of hearing the call of the sangoma and ultimately finding his path of helping others.  

John shares several profound teachings and practices from his specific tradition aimed at answering the question, “How is the great mother (nature) calling me at this moment?”  

Session 11 - The Practice of Compassion - Featuring Mirabai Bush  

Mirabai shares some tools for cultivating compassion - both self-compassion and through remembering that we are more similar to others than we are different from them.  

Upon hearing about the death of a close friend, Mirabai reads an excerpt from her upcoming book with Ram Das on dying.  

She leads a guided compassion meditation as well as a powerful partner practice called “Just Like Me” which can be easily recreated outside the retreat setting with a friend or a loved one.

Session 12 - Getting to the Bottom of Getting Real - Featuring Duncan Trussell, Jack Kornfield, Krishna Das and Raghu Markus

In this live podcast, Jack, Duncan, Krishna Das and Raghu get real about trust, lies, relationships and forgiveness.  

The group answers some important questions:  

  • How do we gain back trust when someone we love lies to us in the worst way possible? Are we even supposed to gain it back
  • How do we create space for compassion to arise from pain and suffering?  
  • How does divorce factor into spiritual life?
  • What happens when you don’t have a physical teacher to guide you? 

What do the download collections include?

'Rediscovering Trust in Uncertain Times' Complete Collection - $59

If you want it all this is the option for you. This collection includes all 12 sessions in both audio and video format. 

Buying both the audio and video collections separately would cost $120. You get the complete collection for only $59.

'Rediscovering Trust in Uncertain Times' Audio Collection - $29

You get downloadable .mp3 audio files of all 12 retreat sessions totaling almost 15 hours of teachings. This audio collection is great for you if you're on the go - you can play these tracks on any listening device as you walk the dog, drive the car, work or however else you prefer to listen to content. 

Normally $7.99 per talk, with this collection we are offering all 12 talks for only $29.

'Rediscovering Trust in Uncertain Times' Video Collection - $44  

You get downloadable .mp4 video files of all 12 retreat sessions. This is perfect for you if you like to see the faces of the speakers and share with friends.

Normally $9.99 per talk, with the collection we are offering all 11 talks plus the bonus session for only $44. 

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