Diving Deeper into Relationships

Integrating Sexuality & Spirituality

How do many relationships reinforce our separateness?

Ram Dass discusses the wide range of reasons for people to be together and ways in which they are together. Ram Dass also talks about relationships as a triangle with the third side of the triangle being shared awareness...

How do we begin to feel less divided from those we are in relationship with?

Ram Dass explains that the more evolved you become spiritually, the less boundaries there are between your energy and the universal energy...

What is "right" sexual conduct? Can you have sex without lust?

Ram Dass explains how sexual energy is expressed through all of your chakras, and how you can better channel that energy once you're aware of how it affects you. Once you're able to have sex without lust, there is a karmic appropriateness involved and it's no longer coming from a need to satisfy personal gratification...

"There is only one of us. One consciousness manifesting into different forms."
- Ram Dass

How do we maintain integrity within our relationships?

Ram Dass discusses how our interactions with each other are the grist for each other’s mill of awakening. How do you go from judging to appreciating each other's differences? 

To be free means to open your heart and your being to the fullness of who you are, because only when you are resting in the place of unity can you truly honor and appreciate others and the incredible diversity of the universe.

relationships and emotions

Relationships and Emotions

In this excerpt from Polishing the Mirror, Ram Dass writes about the connection between relationships and emotions, and how we are all grist for each other's mill of awakening. From ...

Overcoming Fear of Opening up to Love

How do we break out of the neediness where we find ourselves in many of our relationships, and come into a place of experiencing oneness without fear?

When you begin to awaken, you are not coming from such a needy place when you enter into a relationship, not looking to “lock in” so quickly. Your need is still there as a human incarnation – but you are not so identified with that need and because you are already resting in a place of love...


How do we view love as less of an achievement or goal and more of a way of existing and interacting with those around us?

Ram Dass explores the predicament of loving - sometimes you get addicted to the idea of loving somebody; and you get so caught in the relationship that you can’t ever arrive at the essence of dwelling in love. How do you break out of that pattern?

How can we find balance on the path of love?

This is the path of love. The path of the heart. Like all paths, it is fraught with pitfalls and traps, and most of our emotions are either in the ...

How do we learn to accept others just the way we are, and resist the urge to try to change them?

Ram Dass tells us what Maharajji taught him about love - how do you appreciate each other's differences without trying to manipulate them? How do you open ourselves up to the possibility of unconditional love?

Love is the Most Powerful Medicine

One day in India on my second stay, Maharaji said to me, “You don’t have to change anybody; you just have to love them”. In relationships, when the other person ...

Maintaining Consciousness in Relationships

In which ways can we enter into a conscious relationship?

You are constantly going to sleep and waking up. All you can do is keep searching for the clarity and quietness amidst the confusion of your melodramas...


How do relationships fit into the "big picture" of our existence?

Ram Dass answers questions from an online audience about the different kinds of relationships and how to interact with others.

The Place of "Us"

Ram Dass explores the variety of ways in which you enter into relationships, in order to find the place of "us"...


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