One day Maharaji came out of the ashram holding my hand. Both of us sat in the ashram jeep, and Baba asked the driver, Ramanand, to take us to Bhumiadhar. When we arrived, Brahmachari Baba, who looked after the temple, was not there, so Baba asked me to break open the lock. I broke open the outer lock, and Baba said, “Break open the locks of all the rooms.” I found a bunch of keys inside, so I opened all the doors. He then asked me to spread a mat on the veranda by the roadside.

Baba sat there, and after some time he said, “Tewari, make tea. Everything will be inside.” I was surprised at this because he was not fond of having tea. I thought that a devotee or someone he wanted to give darshan to might be about to arrive, so I put water on to boil. Just then a Punjabi couple, who were traveling by car, saw Baba and stopped. They got out of the car, bowed at his feet with reverence, and started crying. Since both of them had a few grey hairs, I thought they were about fifty to fifty-five years of age. Baba said, “Hush, don’t cry. I say there will be a son.” I prepared the tea and took it to them. Baba soothed their emotions by making them drink tea. The thought, What is this madness that he is blessing this elderly couple with a child, came into my mind. Then I thought that he was probably evading their desire. When they left, Baba said to me in a stern voice, “Am I a liar?” He repeated the question again and again, and I felt ashamed of my thoughts and feelings. I held the lobes of my ears in both hands and begging his pardon said, “Sarkar, you can never be a liar.” Just then Brahmachari Baba returned. Baba reprimanded him, and we returned to Kainchi.

About fifteen months after this incident, Baba again took me to Bhumiadhar in the ashram jeep. Maharaji got his mat spread on the side of the road and sat there. After a short while the same couple arrived. They brought a can of ghee and some money as an offering. The woman held a child in her arms, and I remembered the whole incident from the previous year.

~ Purnanand Tewari, Kainchi

Excerpt from The Divine Reality of Sri Baba Neeb Karori Ji Maharaj by Ravi Prahash  Pande “Rajida”



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