An Evening with Ram Dass (1985)

This video program features Ram Dass speaking at a lively event which was a benefit for The Seva Foundation. This wonderful program and rare opportunity to be with Ram Dass, one of the most inspirational and accessible teachers of our time, was taped in 1985 at Julia Richmond High School in New York City. Watch preview below.

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Ecstatic States (1996)

Filmed in 1996, this interview with Ram Dass about the nature of the ecstatic experience is interspersed with footage of traditional ecstatic rituals in India. Ram Dass talks about his work with powerful spiritual tools with teachers like Maharajji and Muktananda, with entheogens like psilocybin and LSD, and with energy systems like kundalini and the chakras and about their capacity to expand our definitions of human consciousness. Watch preview below.

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Fierce Grace (2001)

Against the vivid backdrop of half a century of social, cultural, pharmaceutical and spiritual history, “Fierce Grace” is a lively chronicle of a life well lived and a portrait of a spiritual teacher who has reshaped his physical limitations into an act of fierce grace. Watch preview below.

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Open Your Heart in Paradise (2011)

This 10-DVD set features workshops from all 5 days of the 2010 Maui retreat, including talks and stories with Ram Dass, meditation and dharma teachings with Sharon Salzberg, kirtan with Krishna Das, group sessions, and Q&A. Watch preview below.

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