Miracle of Love by Ram Dass

Miracle of Love, compiled by Ram Dass, is a marvelous collection of anecdotes and teaching stories from the devotees of Neem Karoli Baba, also known as Maharaj-ji, a true “Avadhoot” (one who has “shaken off” the world, to exist as a wandering vessel of God). Maharaj-ji’s central teaching to all the devotees was to love everyone, serve all and remember God. The stories in Miracle Of Love reflect the wide range of direct experiences from both the Western and Indian devotees – they tell not only of the miraculous powers that he had but even more important they show the warmth, caring and loving compassion that he showered on everyone.



By His Grace by Dada Mukerjee

By His Grace is a true story based on the belief that advanced souls, actual Divine Beings, come into our lives, unbeknownst to us at first, to help us advance spiritually: “We are not following the guru; the guru actually is following us. I say this because I have found it in my own life, my own personal experience, and I have seen it in the case of others, too. Babaji came to me himself, unsought, unknown.”

So begins the story of Dada Mukerjee, economics professor at respected Allahabad University and responsible family man, as he describes his struggle to come to terms with his faith when a wandering sadhu, a barefoot holy man dressed in a plaid blanket, walks into his life.

How do you describe Neem Karoli Baba? It is said his very name was associated with miracles and mystery. He had the power to open people’s hearts. He was kindness itself. Dada wrote, “His great power, the miracles and such, no doubt were there, but the very soft, delicate, sweet and innocent impressions left by him provided a perennial source of joy – the human aspect.”



 The Near and the Dear by Dada Mukerjee

As Krishna Das points out in his introduction to The Near and the Dear, “When you read these stories about Maharaj-ji and his devotees you step into a place and a time that is outside the boundaries of your own memories. You meet people whose lives were forever changed by a word or a look from Maharaj-ji.”

In The Near and The Dear, Dada Mukerjee relates stories of some of the close devotees who came to be with Neem Karoli Baba. For a little while you spend time in another culture unlike the United States but not unfamiliar, because to be on a spiritual path is a journey of opening the heart wherever you live.

Along with the stories of devotees who came to see Maharaj-ji, you’ll read about how Maharaj-ji gave to each what they needed for their own spiritual journey. Dada Mukerjee shows you the endlessly adaptable Guru working with his followers, not through coercion, intimidation, or fear, but with overwhelming compassion, understanding, and acceptance.



Remarkable Encounters with Ram Dass

Stories about spiritual aspirants and the transformation of their lives through meeting Ram Dass.