Ramgiri is Ram Dass’ guru brother. As you may imagine, the experience of Maharajji’s love was as transformative for him as it was for Ram Dass. And in addition there was an event that set Ramgiri’s path for life. It happened after Maharajji left his body in 1973, at the very moment when he healed Ramgiri from a deadly and untreatable cancer in a miraculous way.

He was 23 at the time and had just heard that the cancer may snuff out his life very soon. Gripped by deep fear, he stood in front of a statue of Hanuman and heard an inner voice saying with absolute authority, “He loved you so much, this will not be wasted!” Instantly all his fear was gone and he knew he would not die. And in the profound gratitude that washed through him like a great wave, he committed his life to one single purpose: to share with others the immense love he had received from Maharajji.

Now 40 years later, Ramgiri is an experienced spiritual teacher, yogi and psychologist. He studied with some of the great teachers of our time and created HeartSourcing Yoga™, a contemporary way to enlightenment and the end of suffering through the irresistible power of the heart.

What is HeartSourcing?

HeartSourcing enables us to come to the exquisite enjoyment of a life lived with an open heart, through the simple but powerful practice of returning to the innermost heart again and again and systematically removing all the stressful thoughts and difficult emotions that block the love that is at the core of our being.

Ramgiri received HeartSourcing as Maharajji’s gift to share with the world. In his new book HeartSourcing: Finding Our Way to Love and Liberation,  Ramgiri tells his own story and describes how we can open to this great love and the awareness of Self-realization. It is about how we can heal and nurture ourselves daily, moment-to-moment, from the unlimited inner Source. It is about the great happiness that time does not destroy. It is a way to dissolve our fears in love. It is enlightenment for mind and heart.

With this practice of deep self-love you can remove the three layers of the real causes of all stress and unhappiness:

  1. Free yourself of patterns of negative emotions, like anger, anxiety and fear, grief, depression and so on.
  2. Clear the stress-producing and distracted conditioned mind that robs you of peace.
  3. Lift the ignorance of the brilliance and grace of your true being that is veiled by the ego.

Surrendering to the Self

What could I give him in return for showing me the way to myself? On one hand the question was irrelevant because he asked for nothing. On the other hand, it was crucial because giving enables us to receive. The burning question was this: how could I open myself to receive the gift he offered me? And so I did something I never imagined to do: I surrendered my life to Maharajji. I gave myself to love and wisdom in the form of this old man in a blanket. From the deepest place in my heart, I silently and fervently asked him to accept my life as my gift. I laid at his feet the only gift I had, the only thing I had to give him. I asked that he make me an instrument of his love. It was a silent prayer. As was the case with him most of the time, no words had to be spoken. Over time I have found that he has accepted my offering.

Surrendering my life to another human being was something I would never do. After all, I had experienced firsthand what blind adulation can do. Hitler had been greatly adored by his followers. In their idolization of this mad tyrant, the German people had surrendered their lives to him; some had worshiped him like a Messiah and followed him into apocalyptic disaster. Surrender to a human being? What utter insanity! Yet it is my most profound joy and the greatest blessing that I was able to surrender my life to Maharajji.

The very idea of surrender evokes fear in many people, and rightfully so. Naïve surrender carries extraordinary dangers. But even more dangerous is the belief that we are the ego. When we see our human reality as little more than body, mind, and personality, then out of that limited perspective, an act of surrender, whether to a person or an idea, must look like self-delusion and an invitation for abuse. It is our unfortunate tendency to want to follow a strong leader out of immature motives, which leads to disasters like Jonestown, the Nazis, fundamentalism, and terrorism of all kinds. It also leads to the countless personal self-betrayals people suffer in their relationships at home and at work. Who hasn’t surrendered at one time or another to a demeaning job, a tyrannical boss, a loveless relationship, or a limiting idea or belief?

However, the surrender to the satguru is not an act of blind submission. Far from it! True surrender is always surrender to the essence of Truth and Oneness in us. It is the conscious yielding of the mature soul to guidance by our inherent divinity through the agency of the guru. The true satguru is antaryami, the “knower and guide, who resides in the heart,” who knows all our thoughts and emotions. But when we have difficulty accessing our internal wisdom, it manifests in the outer world as the human form of the guru.

Certainly a devotee may project feelings and needs onto the guru, but to see the relationship only through the lens of such transference is to miss its true potential and purpose. If we have the rare good fortune to find a true guru, we can receive the critical guidance we need to overcome our dependencies and expectations. A true guru offers the chela, the devotee or disciple, what is needed for his or her growth. In the guru’s clear mirror, we can see our unrealistic projections and fears, and greatly accelerate our awakening. My surrender did not come from an expectation that Maharajji would save me or fulfill my needs; it came from an awareness of who he was to me, a remembering that must have grown over lifetimes. I recognized myself in his light—a recognition as unshakable as the light itself. In that deep place, I wanted nothing from Maharajji; it was simply an opening into love. In that sense of oneness, I had everything I could ever want. “The guru is not external,” he said.

To this day Maharajji’s unconditional love uplifts me in countless ways, helps me, and gives me deep, lasting joy. But while his presence continues to have a profound impact, I’ve always known that he is not going to “fix” me. Instead Maharajji showed me my own potential for love and transcendent wisdom. If he can be like this, then so can I. This is not conceit; it is simply recognition of what is possible for all of us. Surrender to the guru means that I have to be true to myself. I have to access the intuitive wisdom at my core, the inner guru, and learn how to let that, and not my ego desires, direct my life. His love gives me the strength to change, while the work of opening to grace is my own. By continuing every day to surrender my self-will, my self-importance, and my entire being to him—who is now alive in me as the inner guru—I come to know his presence, the taste of the Absolute, in all things.

Watch Below: Enjoy this introduction to HeartSourcing Yoga, a path to personal happiness and Self-realization. Learn to use the great healing power of unconditional love to nurture and awaken yourself from the very core of your being.