A Digital Retreat to Help You Uncover Your Goodness Beyond the Veil of Anxiety and Fear

Featuring some of the most profound wisdom teachers and thought leaders of our time: Ram Dass, Sharon Salzberg, Krishna Das, Joseph Goldstein, Jack Kornfield, Trudy Goodman, Mirabai Bush and Raghu Markus

"The gift of generosity is that it makes you happy. It’s the first pillar of happiness in Buddhist teachings." 

- Jack Kornfield  

When we think about generosity, most of us probably don’t think immediately of a powerful force, an inner resource, a real tool for changing how we relate to ourselves, to others and to our world.

Instead, we may think of it similarly to how we think of kindness or compassion — qualities that are gentle, tender, potentially self-effacing — and, as a big misconception, more aligned with weakness than strength.  

The most common problem happens when we act generously along with feeling a strong expectation for our offering to be received by another in a particular way: I want to give you that present because it will make you like me, or, I will bring my coworker a coffee so that she will say something nice about me to our boss.  

By contrast, a nourishing generosity emerges when we give without the need for our offering to be received in a certain way, perhaps wishing to be recognized or validated, but not needing it. When generosity lets go of these kinds of expectations, it is a movement toward freedom. That is how and why generosity can be a force, a resource, a tool…

From there, we can continue a deep investigation, cultivating further strength and flexibility to look at everything in our experience this way.  

- Sharon Salzberg  

In the True Generosity digital retreat, we've brought together a diverse lineup of Bhakti & Buddhist practitioners for an online retreat focused on the ability of compassion to ignite generosity within us, which translates into real action to ease the suffering of ourselves and others.  

We are now offering all 12 teaching sessions of the retreat as a discounted bundle, allowing you to experience the entire retreat at your pace and wherever you choose.  

If you’re someone that likes to put your earbuds in and go for a walk then the audio collection is right up your alley. If you like to see the faces of these teachers as they transmit their wisdom, the video collection available to you. We even have a complete collection available if you want to own both versions.

Get a feel for the retreat by watching a short 2-minute preview below...

In this 14-hour digital retreat, you'll engage with wisdom on the following topics:  

  • How can we cultivate joy in forming the intention to give and in the act of giving?
  • How can we utilize generosity as an antidote to our own self-absorbtion?
  • How can we create inner space and flexibility through cultivating generosity?
  • How can generosity help us learn to see through our attachments and go beyond our self-imposed limitations on joy, gratitude and spaciousness?
  • How does generosity help us to flex our "letting go" muscle in preparation for our spiritual practices like meditation?  

What will you learn in each of the teaching sessions?

Session 1 - Opening Ceremony - Featuring Ram Dass, Krishna Das, Sharon Salzberg, Joseph Goldstein, Jack Kornfield, Trudy Goodman, Mirabai Bush and Raghu Markus

“The best kind of generosity comes from a sense of inner abundance.” - Sharon Salzberg  

Raghu introduces the retreat theme and asks the lineup of teachers to elucidate what generosity means to each of them, and how we can lovingly disrupt “the movie of me”.  

Session 2 - The First Pillar of Happiness - Featuring Jack Kornfield and Trudy Goodman

We live within the generosity of life itself, and being able to share it with others is a real gift. In this poignant teaching session, Jack and Trudy invite us to question how we live our life and what is possible through the exploration of generosity.  

The session finishes with an exploration of the three levels of generosity from Jack, and both Jack and Trudy finish the session by leading meditations and practices on the generous heart, and stepping back from our lives in order for receive the generosity that is present all around us.  


Session 3 - The Activity of Emptiness - Featuring Ram Dass, Joseph Goldstein, Raghu Markus

Joseph, Ram Dass and Raghu engage in a sweet and lively interchange on ways we interpret teachings from a Buddhist vs. a Bhakti mindset. Joseph tells about his humorous first encounter with Ram Dass' pivotal book, Be Here Now, and shares a very simple barometer about the efficacy of teachings as they've been presented in his own life.  

Ram Dass and Joseph get into the depths of the question, "What is the mind?"  

Joseph talks about the practices we can undertake to cultivate generosity in ourselves. In their purest forms, compassion and generosity do not come from a self or an ego, but how can we make space for these aspirations amidst our own egos and negative self-talk?  

Session 4 - Attachment vs. Love in Generosity Practice - Featuring Sharon Salzberg and Joseph Goldstein

Joseph begins the session by leading a 15-minute mindfulness meditation, encouraging us to start by connecting and relaxing into our physical body as a framework to absorb the teachings.  

Sharon teaches the ways we can strengthen our generosity muscles as an inner and outer practice through paying attention to our true feelings and reactions towards generosity. 

Joseph explores the ways we use generosity to separate attachment from love in our close relationships, leading to more freedom and a greater capacity to love.  

Session 5 - Practicing Generosity of the Spirit - Featuring Sharon Salzberg

Can we allow joy and delight into our lives? Can we wish ourselves well? All of these are practices of generosity of the spirit.  

In this practical and elucidating session, Sharon gets real about the negativity bias that most of us carry and teaches us how to flip our perspectives to focus less on self-judgment and more on the good in our everyday lives.  

Sharon weaves in the practice of generosity towards ourselves as a pivotal tool for developing compassion and loving kindness. Generosity doesn’t have to involve material goods - it can be simply paying attention to those we normally discount.  

Session 6 - The Tricky Art of Receiving - Featuring Ram Dass and Jack Kornfield

“It’s one thing to be generous, it’s another to receive generosity. It’s an exchange of love. - Ram Dass  

Jack and Ram Dass discuss what it means to serve the world while also savoring it, in a time when the world is both crying out for service and at the same time maintaining unbearable beauty and magnificence.  

The pair dive into the idea that accepting generosity is sometimes more difficult than giving it, and the implications of why that may be the case. This leads to Ram Dass explaining how the shift from his former “helper” role to his “receiving” role after his stroke helped him to reframe his identification with his soul.  

Ram Dass and Jack tell stories about learning about generosity from traveling to other countries, finishing with the pair exploring the different roles we play - helper, helpee, teacher and student. How can we honor our roles while at the same time freeing ourselves from them? 

Session 7 - Rediscovering Our Inner Light - Featuring Krishna Das

“We want to wake up and find the love that exists as our own true nature within us...The whole process is to uncover the place within us where the light is already shining.”  

In this teaching session, Krishna Das explores the process of spiritual practice as a way to shift the figure and the ground. We take so much for granted yet we continue to look outside for the button that’s going to fix everything, not realizing that the antidote is already within us.  

KD answers questions from the audience on implications of karma, self worthiness, and losing and rediscovering his connection to Maharaji.  

Session 8 - The Methodology of Mindfulness - Featuring Joseph Goldstein

In this phenomenal teaching session, Joseph Goldstein illuminates the power of mindfulness as an opportunity to decondition our deepest responses, and explores the process of integrating these teachings into our everyday lives through making everyday life a practice.  

He answers some very important fundamental questions for anyone setting out on the path of mindfulness:  

- What is mindfulness? - What do we learn from being mindful? - What role does mindfulness play in the development of compassion?  

There’s often a big gap in what we know conceptually and how we live our lives - are we relating to our life events with grasping, clinging and desire or are we moving with the flow of changes? 

Session 9 - Opening to the Service of Others - Featuring Ram Dass, Sharon Salzberg and Mirabai Bush 

How did our teachers get here?  

Sharon Salzberg reminisces on the early years she spent with Ram Dass and Mirabai at Goenka’s Vipassana silent meditation retreats. Like many, her motive in retreat was to heal from significant suffering. She says that Ram Dass, whom she felt was “many steps ahead” on the path, led by example in selfless actions. Sharon observed and soon came to integrate service as a part of her own practice. Just as Ram Dass inspired his friends, she too inspires us to heal, which in turn, opens our hearts to healing others.  

Ram Dass and Mirabai Bush to share about their personal development, dying, and their newly released book, Walking Each Other Home.

Session 10 - The Generosity of No-Self - Featuring Jack Kornfield and Trudy Goodman

Jack and Trudy lead a meaningful session geared towards finding tools to quiet our minds so that we can tend to the garden of the world.  

"The practice, in the spirit of the work we’re doing…is coming back to what we already know in our heart most deeply and awakening to that. That’s the blessing."

It’s really speaking as Ram Dass does, to soul, or spirit, or that which is inviolable in us, and which knows what’s just and what’s right and knows how’s to tend this one, this precious life that we’ve been given and to also tend the lives of others.

The two teachers lead us in their own loving-kindness meditations, reminding us of the importance of stepping outside of our comfort zones and dismantling some of the structural conditioning we all take on throughout this life.

Session 11 - Learning Compassion as a Practice - Featuring Mirabai Bush  

Mirabai introduces the final retreat day as a time of reflection and explores ways to integrate the compassion that we've been practicing on retreat and ways we can bring it out into the real world.

Mirabai speaks on empathy as the ability to feel another person’s emotional state, from joy to suffering. Which is relative to compassion, as it “includes empathy, but it also has within it the desire to relieve the suffering in another being.”

She reminds us to reflect on the practices and understanding of generosity, love, and compassion that we’ve learned throughout the retreat. Prompting us to integrate them into our lives at home. “To see how it all fits together.”  

Session 12 - Generosity is Just the Beginning - Featuring Jack Kornfield, Sharon Salzberg, Joseph Goldstein and Raghu Markus

In the final retreat session, Raghu Markus asks the teachers what motivated them to adopt meditation as their central spritual practice. 

Each speaker shares the depth of the ways meditation became a central practice for them, reflected by the devotion of the Bhakti (Hindu practice of love and devotion) path. They equate their own devotional feelings and understandings of loving kindness.  

Sprinkled with anecdotes and stories, the friends spend the rest of the session flowing through a juicy conversation on the retreat’s theme of generosity.  

Joseph says, “Generosity really does make us happy,” Then quoting Thich Nhat Hanh, “Happiness is available, please help yourself to it.” It’s the ultimate practice of letting go. 

What do the download collections include?

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