While in Madras one day, Maharajji said, “I want to show my eyes to a good doctor. Who is a good doctor here?” I told him that there was a specialist nearby. Maharajji said, “All right. I’ll show my eyes to him.” That evening I found that this doctor was out of town, so I fixed an appointment with another specialist for 10:30 in the morning.

When I explained the situation to Maharajji, he asked who the other doctor was, and when I told him his name Maharajji said, “Nay, nay! I want to see the first doctor, not this other one.”

Maharajji told me to come to him after three days. This was a long time and I was impatient. After two days the first doctor had returned, so I made an appointment for Maharajji. I went immediately to the dharmashala (hostel) to tell him, but Maharajji’s luggage was just being carried out. When I told him the doctor had come, he laughed and said, “Today I’m going to Rameshwaram.” He refused to let me accompany him.

Nearly a month later, on my way to Bombay, I broke my spectacles. A specialist there made new spectacles for me, but within five minutes of putting them on I got a serious headache. The specialist checked everything and said they were all right but it would take a few days to get used to them.

I returned to Madras, but I still couldn’t put on those specs for more than a few moments. I decided to show them to a specialist in Madras and wondered which one I should go to—the first doctor or the second. Now, the second was very quick and always available, while the first was very busy and one had to wait for hours to see him. But I remembered what Maharajji had said, so I made an appointment with the first one. When I told my son, he asked to come along for a checkup. The doctor tested my eyes and found that the new specs the Bombay doctor had given were the wrong prescription. That was corrected. When he examined my son’s eyes he found the cornea was torn— serious enough for an immediate operation. Although he missed his final examinations at college, my son’s eyes were saved. This is what Maharajji’s lila (play; game) of a month earlier had been about.


– Excerpt from Miracle of Love: Stories about Neem Karoli Baba, compiled by Ram Dass



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