by Ramgiri Braun, Ph.D.

Because of the blossoming of faith in the heart, we have come into contact with the guru. This contact, however it happens, removes an enormous layer of pain and delusion. It gives us the first direct experience of what we are, the Self, the presence of God in us and as us.

It’s like we’ve been a green leafy plant and suddenly something in us remembers that we can bloom. A growth begins in us, a new part develops that grows into a bud and in the continuing warmth in the guru’s presence the flower we are begins to form.

This is the development of a happiness in us that has no cause and is complete and unshakable. Slowly it grows because is not a flower for just one summer. It is the flowering of eternity and it grows gathering its timeless strength for a while before we can come to see its true colors.

But the time comes when the flower opens and we realize what always has been true: that we are the guru. It’s been simply an error for us to think otherwise. Our mind has grabbed for the world and become confused running after its many desires and trying to escape from its fears.

We have searched for security because we have imagined not to be safe. We have yearned for happiness and felt lonely and sad because of our confusion. But now the truth dawns: the pure essence of all we have ever sought is found to be what we are.

This is the discovery of the heart as the guru. It is the falling into stillness where nothing other exists than guru. It is absolute peace, a joy beyond understanding, the truth that has always been.

Even a glimpse of this truth is enough. Now reality – which we call guru – begins to open us from the inside. The idea that we have not found what we are seeking loses all its power to convince the mind. The presence of the Beloved comes into focus and he is us. And we are inspired to remove every notion of “I” that the mind still creates.

The “I” melts in that presence. It has no more a chance to survive than a small shadow in the light of the sun. The person we thought we were now can be loved as the ephemeral vehicle that becomes transparent in the realization that only the guru exists.

With that the world is transformed. It is seen as the gurus’ dream form, as are all the countless beings that populate it. The innocent and still mind can see all this. It is calm and simple, a peaceful flow of the ecstasy of being nothing special at all.

with love,


Ramgiri Braun, Ph.D.
Annapurna Institute, Inc.
HeartSourcing Yoga



Photo by Susanne Nilsson via Flickr. Used under the creative commons license.